Le Iene, Elodie’s monologue for women: “Never feel guilty”

Tuesday 5 October, in the early evening, are leave again Land hyenas. New this year an all-female conduction (without prejudice to the presence of the stainless Nicola Savino), with an alternation of 10 beautiful great women to tell a “contemporary feminine, each in its own authentic way”.

The first to break the ice was Elodie, which confirmed, after Sanremo, its ability to be direct and profound besides beautiful. Elodie gave a beautiful monologue for women, latching onto the ugly affair he is concerning Dayane Mello (in a Brazilian reality show, the model allegedly suffered violence from another participant).

We propose it in full, because it is really worth reading it all the way through:

I want to talk to my friends and tell mine honestly because I don’t have to and can’t explain anything to anyone. We must never feel guilty. We don’t have to protect men because men are not our children. And when they make a mistake it is right that they pay. If that man actually had sex with a woman he couldn’t mean or want because he was under the influence of alcohol, he has to pay. And Dayane has to be treated like a victim, because she is. It pisses me off to see a girl who can’t say no. Or that he is ashamed to do it as if his body was no longer his, as if it were too late to turn back. I am free to change my mind until the end and to say “I don’t like it anymore”, “I’m tired”, “I’m sleepy”. Or to kick yourself in the balls rather than be silent.
When I was a cubist my body was the color, the scenography of the place. And I honestly had a lot of fun, but it took just one look, a gesture out of place to make me feel wrong. Many years have passed and not much has changed, it happens that they say to me: “Elodie, but you do the ballets half naked”. So? Bodies are beautiful, I like to be looked at, but between admiring a body and possessing it in the middle there is consensus, the desire, which is fundamental. Have you ever wondered what a woman wants?
And there is another thing that pisses me off. Let’s take an example: to be accepted by a man, a woman, from time to time, cannot say how many people she has been in bed with. I also struggled at times, it happened to all of them to be told: ‘Okay, you don’t have to tell your man everything’. I ask myself: why? What do I have to hide? What do I have to protect him from? What are you afraid of? Of my past? Of my experiences that are the same as yours. To really know me? Many men have this fear and want to dominate us, control us, or defend us as if we were their property. I don’t want to be defended, I want to be understood. I do not want to be judged but listened to because what I am is worth, it took me so many years to be who I am today and I am proud of myself Every time we have accepted the role that someone has chosen for us, because it has happened, we have ended up in mothers to our mates and we spend our lives trying to save someone else. It has happened to me and it has happened many and many times and I don’t even know why I do it, perhaps because I think I have a meaning and a value in this life, while in reality in those moments, when you decide to give everything to another person, it is precisely the moment in which you cancel yourself, you annihilate yourself, and you lose the beauty of dedicating your time to yourself and your life. So let’s not do it, we must never disappear


Iene Elodies monologue women feel guilty

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