the House presents the MY2022

Versys 1000 has successfully won a place in the hearts of numerous enthusiasts in recent years, and its story is set to continue into 2022. The House brings a slight update to the Kawasaki Adventure Touring, the four-cylinder Versys 1000 confirms the S and SE, a complete set-up and also a new color.

The exciting 1,043 cm3 in-line quattro engine offers excellent throttle response, full-bodied torque at all revs (especially in the low-mid range) and a seductive sound. A modification of the electronic throttle valves allows for the addition of cruise control, while contributing to even smoother delivery. The maximum power output is 88.2 kW (120 hp), the maximum torque 102 Nm, for CO2 emissions of 128 g / km.

Standard on the new Versys can not miss the thrilling Kawasaki quick shifter, which allows you to change gear without using the clutch, an element that underlines the great sportiness of the brand. All supported by an anti-skip assisted clutch. In addition, using the advanced modeling software and feedback from the Bosch IMU inertial platform, the bike also offers its rider the Kawasaki Cornering Management Function, which monitors engine and chassis parameters while cornering, adjusting the braking force. and engine power for a smooth transition, assisting the pilot in tracking the desired trajectory.

The two-wheeler for 2022 boasts full LED position lights, low beams and high beams, for a very high degree of visibility and great brightness, which offer driving in total safety, even in the darkest evenings. Imperfections such as holes and bumps are unfortunately often found on our roads today, as well as rough and unpaved terrain. Kawasaki engineers have chosen long travel suspension to cope with difficult road conditions and be able to maintain maximum control even on the bike.

Advances on the new Kawasaki Versys 1000 MY2022

As for the instrumentation digital, with an advanced high-tech design, gives the cockpit of the new Versys 1000 MY2022 a very high level appearance. The analog tachometer is complemented by a high-quality, self-adaptive digital color LCD screen, which adjusts the brightness, to be readable in any light condition. The bike presents heated grips, which allow you to travel even in the coldest temperatures (the pilot can adjust the temperature by selecting the heat level visible on the LED display). The bike, which arrives after the presentation of an iconic model, has the mounting system for the saddlebags, which allows you to attach and remove the bags in a very simple way, contributing to greater comfort.

the colors planned by Kawasaki (which has just presented its new retro bike) for the MY2022 are two: Emerald Blazed Green / Metallic Diablo Black / Metallic Spark Black and the new Metallic Graphite Gray / Metallic Diablo Black / Metallic Flat Spark Black, with different graphics from current versions. At the moment the House has not yet communicated i prices, we can say that the previous generation had a price list between 14,890 and 16,890 euros.

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