Virginia Raggi, now a former mayor, but assigns the Ipa armchairs for the next 5 years

Virginia Raggi, now a former mayor, but assigns the Ipa armchairs for the next 5 years
Virginia Raggi, now a former mayor, but assigns the Ipa armchairs for the next 5 years

On the day of the rejection, the former mayor Virginia Raggi assigns the armchairs of the IPA for the next 5 years. It happens in the aftermath of the slamming received in the elections, however loud and never seen before in Rome for an outgoing mayor who does not go to the ballot and arrives fourth and last among the candidates for the Capitol. Yet the signature of the order for the appointment of the Board of Directors of the IPA, the Social Security and Assistance Institute for Capitoline employees, arrived just yesterday, on 5 October.

The IPA, the social security institution of almost 25 thousand municipal employees, has in fact, since yesterday, the names of those who will guide it for the next 5 years: they will be Fabio Serini as president, already commissioner of the IPA in office since 2017 always for will of the mayor Raggi, and the two members Carmela Cucca and Gianluca Maria Esposito. In the same ordinance, the Mayor therefore also orders the closure of the commissioner management started in 2017. In the last 5 years the new Ipa Statute was also drawn up on which the City Council should have pronounced.

But this passage in the Chamber never took place. In fact, therefore, the new board of directors will have to work with the next council, the one that will come out of the choices of the future mayor after the ballot. Hence the inevitable question of whether or not the former Mayor Raggi to indicate the names that will guide the IPA just when it is certified that she will not be sitting in the Capitol. A practically out of time choice: “it seems inappropriate – comments Davide Bordoni of the Lega – that the day after the vote the Mayor signs a similar order”.

According to Fabrizio Ghera and Andrea De Priamo, of FdI, the Mayor was in fact technically out of time: “with the appointment of the BoD it went well beyond the legal deadlines that allow the first outgoing citizen to issue deeds, but only those urgent , by midnight on the Friday before the elections “. The legitimacy or otherwise of the appointment will be clarified, but what is perplexing is the political and administrative choice to intervene by indicating long-term appointments, just when it is clear that she will have no chance of being confirmed at the helm of the Capitol.

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Virginia Raggi mayor assigns Ipa armchairs years

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