Let’s not give up on this tasty thirst-quenching drink because it could help fight cancer and high cholesterol

The first step to prevent any evil is to follow a correct and balanced diet. Every time we go shopping at the supermarket we are responsible for what we buy. Because what we eat and drink strongly affects our health.

Shopping should be done wisely and you need to know how to orient yourself towards the right products, which provide more nutrients. For example, this lean fish is an important aid to heart, bones and muscles, but we still neglect it too much today.

Drinks also produce more or less positive effects for us. Just think of the consequences of drinking 5 glasses of wine on the human body. Fortunately, there are not only soft drinks to beware of and to avoid.

Some liquids have multiple beneficial effects and help us prevent serious diseases such as cancers. We often see one of these on supermarket shelves or in herbal medicine, but perhaps we do not consume it enough.

Here is which one we are talking about and all the benefits it would seem to bring.

Let’s not give up on this tasty thirst-quenching drink because it could help fight cancer and high cholesterol

It is consumed in sachets or in powder form. It is the favorite drink of the British, who enjoy a cup of it every day at 5 pm: we refer to tea. But not just any one, but a very specific variant: green tea.

This type of drink differs from the others for the type of processing it has undergone. The stabilization process, in fact, allows the leaves to maintain their characteristic green color. Furthermore, green tea is not fermented, so it does not undergo any chemical transformation.

All the benefits of an exceptional health product

Green tea is a source of antioxidants. The polyphenols present in large quantities would have a powerful antitumor effect. Epigallocatechin gallate, a catechin with extraordinary benefits on the body, is present in much higher quantities than other varieties of tea.

The positive aspects of green tea would also be seen on the heart. In fact, by drinking it, we may be able to reduce fat and LDL cholesterol and avoid the formation of blood clots. It would also be an effective remedy to counter the effects of smoking, speed up metabolism and prevent neurodegenerative diseases.

This drink also has some contraindications. It should be drunk in moderation, as it contains caffeine. Let’s avoid it in case of thyroid problems or if we are being treated with bortezomib.

3 ways to enjoy it at its best

There are so many ways to enjoy the benefits of this delicious drink. We can prepare a refreshing and digestive infusion with mint and ginger. Or lighten up the dinner just eaten by mixing it with a spoonful of anise and chamomile. The combination with avocado is also excellent, with which we can obtain a super energetic smoothie.

If we don’t have any of the problems listed above, don’t give up on this tasty thirst-quenching drink because it could help fight cancer and high cholesterol.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings regarding this article, which can be consulted WHO”)

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