“Opposition treaties”. The League raises the tone against the government

“Opposition treaties”. The League raises the tone against the government
“Opposition treaties”. The League raises the tone against the government

A few hours before the first round of the local elections, the clouds of a political upheaval fall on the government. Yesterday afternoon a “serious gesture“by the League, whose exponents have decided not to take part in the Council of Ministers called to approve the law delegating the tax authorities. A strong move that did not leave the majority allies indifferent, with Enrico Letta which immediately brought together the ministers of the Democratic Party, the deputy secretaries and the group leaders to evaluate “yet another tear“del Carroccio. But from via Bellerio there is a strong suspicion: by any chance someone wants the League out of the government?

The League raises the tone

Doubts and unknowns that go in this direction have not been hidden by the Northern League Riccardo Molinari, who denounced a fact that he considers very serious: the executive has approved a document “which contradicts what was agreed in politics and decided a few months ago by the Finance Committee“. Therefore it is considered a real”betrayal of Parliament“.

The leader of the Carroccio in the Chamber, in the interview given to Corriere della Sera, noted with some irritation that the government “it wasn’t a very friendly gesture“. In fact, in the end, the text was approved even without the League, which believes it has provided a series of indications and objections which then ended up in oblivion. It is no coincidence that it is judged as a fact”very serious“, a decision “very relevant” from a political point of view.

The shadow of a government crisis

A precedent which, history teaches, would usually have opened the doors to one government crisis. However, it should be noted that this is a government born to face the Coronavirus emergency in a pandemic period. However Molinari does not justify a “certain way to proceed“which from exception is becoming more and more a constant.”Perhaps a crisis does not open because those in government think they can easily do without us“, is the suspicion of the Northern League.

Yesterday Matteo Salvini tried resizing the tones, specifying that “it is not a tear“. But from the circles of via Bellerio it is feared that someone is pushing for the League to be eliminated by the executive. The intent is to remain in the majority, but it is pointed out that”they are escorting us to the door“. The warning launched by Molinari to the comrades in government is very clear:”At this point it’s up to us to decide what to do“.

In yesterday’s Council of Ministers it was immediately clear that more than something was not going the right way. The Northern League delegation first left the control room and then deserted the CDM. Massimo Garavaglia and Giancarlo Giorgetti sensed that there were no mediation margins. But Draghi did not want to argue and went straight.

Bagnai doesn’t like it: “Opposition treaties”

It is evident that the spirits are becoming more and more heated, also because with the passing of the days – and with an eye always towards the ballot rounds – one will still wonder if the Lega should actually continue to support Mario Draghi. in the meantime Alberto Bagnai clearly noted that “it is a bit difficult to be in the majority being treated as if it were opposition“.

Letta’s lunge

This morning, however, Enrico Letta of Democratic party overturned the accusations, attributing a defeatist plan to Salvini: “He wants to blow the bank. His tear is very serious and irresponsible“. The number one of the Democratic Party believes that Salvini has used exaggerated and heavy tones at the address of President Draghi:”He called him a liar and asks the Italians to choose between him and Draghi“. The dem galaxy is therefore compacted around the premier. Seen by several as a”pimp act“as they cross their fingers to try to wipe the League out of the government.

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