The war of fiber. Tim vision bets on football, movies and series

The war of fiber. Tim vision bets on football, movies and series
The war of fiber. Tim vision bets on football, movies and series

All to retain fixed network customers, especially those in fiber. This is the reason for Tim’s new offer for his Tim Vision TV platform, wanted by the CEO Luigi Gubitosi. With the “Gold” option, you can have all Serie A football with Dazn for one year at 29.99 euros per month (instead of 44.99 euros), as well as movies and TV series from Netflix, Infinity, Disney.

It is not enough. For three months Tim also eliminates the costs of the fiber subscription, which is another 29 euros per month. After all, for analysts, one of Tim’s great challenges is to win back customers on the Italian market. It is no coincidence that the stock on the stock market (+ 0.50% at yesterday’s close) reached 34.28 cents (in the last three months it sold about 19%) for a capitalization of around 7.3 billion.

The Italian market is, in fact, very competitive both in terms of the number of competitors and in terms of mobile and fixed tariffs. Europe has therefore made a very different choice from that of the United States, where there are few telephone companies and high prices on both the fixed and mobile sides. Just to give an example: a mobile subscription with unlimited data and calls costs about 50 dollars a month against the 10 euros paid in Italy. This policy has displeased telephone operators but has certainly favored users. And also the passage of the football championship from the Sky satellite to the streaming offered by Dazn with the collaboration of Tim, who pays about 340 million per season for football, has lowered the costs of subscriptions. So much so that, according to research conducted by SosTariffe, this year to see Serie A users pay half compared to two years ago.

Hence Tim’s great bet on fiber content. In any case, according to analysts, the moves on Tim Vision will end up impacting on the cost front in the quarterly accounts that will be presented on 27 October. In fact, in addition to the 340 million spent on rights, there will also be approximately 70 million investments to adapt the network to the simultaneous streaming of all the matches. Back in July Tim made aggressive offers to watch football with Dazn and Tim Vision.

At the moment, however, the number of subscribers has not been disclosed. According to rumors they could be around 500-600 thousand. A level that Tim has decided to boost by relaunching with an offer, three months free of subscription to fiber, which according to competing operators (Wind Tre, Vodafone, Sky and Fastweb) is not replicable so much so that they have already turned to Antitrust and Agcom . Tim believes instead that there are no problems and we have no links between content and fiber because the latter is given away while the contents can also be viewed with other operators. All you need is Tim’s decoder.

The effects of football will be visible on the accounts only starting from the fourth quarter, while to find the benefits deriving from cloud services, where Tim has signed an agreement with Google, we will have to wait until the first half of 2022.

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