The Paradise of the Ladies, the sad farewell of the actress: she will never return

One of the most loved actresses of Il Paradiso delle Signore has decided to bid farewell to the Rai 1 soap opera to dive into a new job. Find out who it is and what it is doing these days.

The cast of the Rai 1 soap opera Il Paradiso delle Signore.

Giorgio Lupano and Enrica Pintore interpreted the roles of the most loved couple of The Paradise of the Ladies, that is, the one composed of Clelia Calligaris e Luciano Cattaneo. The couple, after numerous adversities, had finally managed to fulfill their dream of love, also leaving the city of Milan.

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Unfortunately, the farewell to Milan also coincides with the arrival of a child and, above all, the farewell to soap opera. Giorgio Lupano clarified several times, also through his profiles social, that every return in The Paradise of the Ladies is from to exclude. This has desperate i fan of the #cattegaris, who argue that the two actors also love each other off the set.

After the farewell to Il Paradiso delle Signore: what Clelia does

The Paradise of the Ladies, Giorgio Lupano and Enrica Pintore interpret Luciano Cattaneo and Clelia Calligaris (photo Rai).

Enrica Pintore, who played Clelia Calligaris in The Paradise of the Ladies, immediately began a new adventure after the farewell to soap opera. She is carrying out several projects, always as an actress. One of them is a short film, which he is filming in these days.

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Enrica Pintore tells her fans that the film she is working on will be called Hooded, and will be set in his Barbagia. These shots will also be set in the past, precisely in 70’s. The role of the actress in the short film is not yet clear, but her enthusiasm is contagious.

Here is another commitment that Enrica Pintore is carrying out after Il Paradiso delle Signore: a charity evening in favor of Pangea Onlus. In this video all the details:


Paradise Ladies sad farewell actress return

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