Spalletti’s revolution: the three moves with which he changed Napoli | First page

Spalletti’s revolution: the three moves with which he changed Napoli | First page
Spalletti’s revolution: the three moves with which he changed Napoli | First page

The Naples first in Serie A is practically the same team that last year failed to qualify for the Champions League. There is only one new purchase, Anguissa (net of Ounas, who returned after the loan to Crotone). The group of players, often afraid and unconvinced last year, remained unchanged. However, it was the coach who changed, Spalletti in place of Gattuso. And that’s no small thing, driving on the bench still matters a lot. Mario Sconcerti on spoke of “huge differences“Between the two, explaining that he smiles” when it is said that Spalletti has reaped the sowing of Gattuso. Please, but what do you want Gattuso to have left him in Spalletti? They have nineteen years of difference and a completely different story ”.

DIFFERENT TEAM? – Now, the championship has just begun, no one wants to race or to consider the indications given by these first days as definitive. But, net of the final position in the standings, this Napoli looks like a totally different team. For how she faces matches, for how she is played, for how she reacts to difficulties, for how much she believes in her own means. Everyone knows what they have to do and they are placed in the ideal conditions to make the most of it. A revolution that Spalletti has achieved with three moves.

VERTICAL STOCK – The coach in his career has always valued the first strikers (Dzeko and Icardi, for example, have made the best of their possibilities with him). This is because Spalletti relies on the characteristics of his bombers, pampers them, helps them. THEHis Osimhen terrifies opponents because he can be a lethal finalizer of a vertical kick. He cuts the defenses, scares them with his speed, always gives his teammates a pass line. Gattuso’s Napoli dribbled, Spalletti’s one runs vertically as soon as he gets the chance.

NORMALIZER – Organize the resources available, make all players perform at their best. Especially the most important ones, which in the end also drag others along. Two examples above all: Koulibaly and Fabian Ruiz. This Koulibaly he is a close relative of the magnificent defender admired in the Sarri years. Imperious, confident, quick in closing, precise in setting the action, unsurpassed in one-on-one. Spalletti joined a similar Abiol, Rrahmani, and the performance of the Senegalese returned to high levels. Similar situation for Fabian Ruiz: with a physical player like Anguissa next to him, the Spaniard is expressing himself at very high levels.

BRIGHT AND SERENE DRIVING – The third move is actually inherent in Spalletti who arrived in Naples. Recharged after the two-year break, lucid, safe, serene. The histrionic character is always the same and comes out when he communicates with the media, but on the bench the coach transmits confidence to the team. There he drives but not obsessively, he is not always there shouting tactical indications, he observes but intervenes only when necessary. He doesn’t get angry when the Insigne on duty gets angry about a replacement, he smiles slyly even if there is still something to fix. In short, the same team that remained out of the Champions League after the collapse at Maradona against Verona, eliminated by Granada in the Europa League, mistreated by Atalanta in the Italian Cup, today plays well and leads the Serie A. Much of the credit goes to the man. in command.

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