the only way out – Libero Quotidiano

the only way out – Libero Quotidiano
the only way out – Libero Quotidiano

Alessandro Sallusti

05 October 2021

For the center-right it went badly, but only a little more badly than could have been hoped for. You save the Calabria, there are still openings for Roma, Torino e Trieste, city that in fifteen days will go to ballot. The three parties – Lega, Brothers of Italy e Come on Italy – that all polls give a majority in the country, fail to be competitive in the area. It is not a tragedy but it is certainly an alarm bell in view of the upcoming electoral deadlines. It is said: wrong candidates. Sure, but someone chose them. It is added: the fault ofabsenteeism. Obviously, but I don’t think people had better things to do, it’s that those in charge have not been able to motivate them sufficiently.

The judicial and media ambushes sure they didn’t help, but I think the real problem is there babel of voices which in the long run has stunned the voters starting from the one on the management of Covid: vaccines yes but also no, green light to green pass but we just don’t like it, and so on. And finally that excess of hatred in the competition between the Lega and the Brothers of Italy which debased the contents and transformed the elections into a two-way race over the heads of the candidates themselves. It is too early to draw conclusions, however, we can already say that the propulsive thrust of sovranism or populism – of all signs – seems to show the rope. The success of Living room in Milan – the first mayor to be elected in the first round – the personal one of Calenda in Rome, in general the feeling is that a Dragons effect, that is, the desire for a competent and authoritative policy.

The collapse of the Five stars, true losers of this round, is there to prove it. I imagine that for two weeks – that is, until the ballot – work is being done to save what can be saved in Rome, Turin and Trieste. But then a coupon will be needed: the center-right voters are there and they have not betrayed with other parties. It should be clearly explained to him, as long as there is time, what this is double traction coalition, where and with whom he wants to go. This is not a simple operation but can no longer be postponed.

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