Cologno Monzese (Milan), the Local Police of Cologno and Sesto “find” and seize half a kilo of Cobret drug | Milan

Cologno Monzese (Milan), the Local Police of Cologno and Sesto “find” and seize half a kilo of Cobret drug | Milan
Cologno Monzese (Milan), the Local Police of Cologno and Sesto “find” and seize half a kilo of Cobret drug | Milan

Cologno Monzese (Milan), was ready to be placed on the “market” but it was thanks to the Local Police of Cologno Monzese in command of the commander Silvano Moioli and the Sesto San Giovanni Local Police in command of the commander Fabio Brighel whether the very dangerous drug Cobret (or Kobret) was found and seized.

For years now, a fruitful cooperation has been consolidated between the two Local Police commands, which often operate in synergy.

The investigations started from Sesto San Giovanni Local Police led, in synergy and cooperation, the agents of Local Police of Cologno Monzese, on the “traces” of the narcotic substance.

The police operation conducted by the commissioner of Basma Bouzid Local Police in force with 5 agents have allowed the discovery of the large quantity of drugs in a park on Via Lombardia.

The kidnapping took place on the evening of Saturday 2 October, and thanks to a precious investigative activity of the Sesto San Giovanni Command, the same Local Police of Cologno Monzese discovered and seized the important quantity of Cobret.

The stick of narcotic, weighing half a kilogram, already cut and ready to be dosed, was hidden and buried in the park in the Viale Lombardia area. The delicate investigative and operational operation was also implemented in a specific way precisely to prevent the investigations from being thwarted precisely by the imminent neighborhood party the next day, in fact the agents, once they had the information and put on the investigative trail, were able to find drugs and proceed with the kidnapping, taking this dangerous drug, Cobret, off the “street”.

Kobret or cobret is a substance deriving from heroin waste and from the processing of opium with a brownish color, most often cut with toxic substances.

The danger of this drug also derives from its “mixing” with toxic and / or harmful substances and from the immediate dependence it generates in those who take it. The intake takes place through direct inhalation of the dust or fumes deriving from its combustion.

The short duration effects cause an immediate sense of excitement and omnipotence, with effects similar to the bite of a cobra, hence the name Cobret.

The substance can be very harmful to health, causing nerve damage, delusions and hysteria.

Furthermore, being a “low cost” drug, it can also be bought by young and very young people and of different social rank and also creating a major social, health and addiction problem even among the very young.

The discovery is the result of an important exchange of information and months of investigations by the two Local Police commands engaged on a daily basis in the fight against the consumption and sale of drugs.

The Mayor of Cologno Monzese Angelo Rocchi and the Councilor for Security Salvatore Lo Verso, they say they are “proud of the work of the Local Police which, with this important operation, has dealt a severe blow to the death dealers.”

Article by the editor Lorenzo Chiaro


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