Bad weather, rains and red alert in Piedmont. Tornado in Catania: injured and uprooted street lamps. The Municipality: “Do not leave the house”

Bad weather, rains and red alert in Piedmont. Tornado in Catania: injured and uprooted street lamps. The Municipality: “Do not leave the house”
Bad weather, rains and red alert in Piedmont. Tornado in Catania: injured and uprooted street lamps. The Municipality: “Do not leave the house”

Stay the red alert for bad weather in Piedmont, after the rainfall that yesterday created inconvenience and flooding in much of the north-west. After a night characterized by rain and strong wind, the region is still considered to have the highest level of hydrogeological and hydraulic risk in the central-eastern area. In the early morning the rainfall, with a reverse character, recorded the most significant peaks between Torinese e Biellese. Instead, it improves the situation in Liguria, where the perturbation that recorded rain and winds up to 100 km / h has shifted, with a consequent downgrading of the risk level from red to yellow, while only the Eastern Ligurian remains on orange alert. Ten families have been displaced due to the damage caused by the disturbances of this night. In Florence, a woman was taken to the hospital in red code after collapse of a wall due to bad weather.

Tornado in Catania: injuries and damage to homes and shops
A strong “tornado” followed by rain and hail crashed down in the historic center of Catania causing serious damage even in homes and businesses, as well as causing some wounded. Several uprooted trees e fallen street lamps. Ring road in tilt due to the presence of trees on the pavement. Alerted 118, fire brigade and municipal and regional civil protection for rescue interventions. From its Facebook page, the Municipality “recommends citizens to pay the utmost attention and to do not leave the house except for urgent reasons “.

Discomforts also a Palermo for the bad weather that has hit the city for a few hours. Three loves from Milan Malpensa were diverted to Catania airport, a fourth left from Venice, to Cagliari. From the Gesap, the company that manages the Falcone and Borsellino airport, explain that the situation, however, is normalizing. Some difficulties are also recorded in the Trapani Birgi airport where a flight from Trieste was hijacked. The violent storm that hit Palermo caused the flooding of several streets and underpasses, with traffic going haywire especially in Viale Regione Siciliana and in the seaside village of Mondello.
Streets turned into rivers and the fire department’s switchboard stormed. Yesterday the Sicilian Regional Civil Protection had issued a warning for weather-hydrogeological and hydraulic risk, valid until 24 tomorrow, signaling a level of orange alert.

Piedmont, incessant rains in the night. Schools closed in Alexandria
According to the data collected by the ARPA, the most significant peaks relating to rainfall were recorded in the Turin area, a Graglia (65.2mm, 98mm in 6 hours), With a crow (62,4 mm, 89,6 in 6 ore) e Pian Audi (55.8 mm), while in the Biellese, a Oropa, in the last three hours, 49.1 mm of rain has fallen.

But the inconveniences are also recorded in other areas of the region. Marco Gabusi, councilor for civil protection of the Piedmont Region, on Twitter makes it known that ad Alexandria it was decided to keep schools closed, as well as in numerous other towns in the province, while there are “roads and railway sections still closed between Piedmont and Liguria”, adding that the Region “is bringing relief to all affected areas”.

As for the rivers, according to Arpa, the flood of Bormida it passed through the Alexandria hydrometer, reaching its peak at 2. The level is decreasing and currently below the danger threshold. Even the Tanaro in Montecastello, still with values ​​above the warning threshold, it is falling. The Po in Isola Sant’Antonio it is growing slightly, but with values ​​that are not considered worrying at the moment. In northern Piedmont the torrent Anza it remains stationary below the guard level, after having passed it at about one o’clock. The Cervo it is increasing in the Passobreve and Vigliano sections, with values ​​currently below the warning level. L’Orco in Spineto, at the stationary moment, it recorded a significant increase, exceeding the warning level at 4.30.

For the next few hours, however, a new significant increase in precipitation is not expected, but only residual phenomena, of low intensity, on the Alessandria area. Moderate rainfall also in the north-western and northern foothills. From mid-morning the phenomena are expected to diminish, albeit still persisting in the northern sector. The rest of the region is expected to run out of rain.

Liguria, yellow alert in most of the region: historical record of rains in the Savona area
Alert level drops up Genoa, the Genoese and the Western Liguria, where the strong perturbation called ‘Christian’ passed, during the night, much faster than expected leaving only weak precipitations that did not produce any effect. Winds reached 80 km / h with gusts of up to 100 km / h. The alert will remain orange on the Ligurian Levant: no significant rainfall is reported in this area either. It seems that the disturbance has unloaded all its power only on the Savonese, where yesterday the historical record of rainfall was reached which led to landslides, floods and consequently the closure of motorway and railway sections. The region has decided to ask for it national state of emergency for a few million euros of damage caused. This request will be formalized after making a first estimate of the damage on damaged public infrastructure at the beginning of next week.

The most affected areas in the Savona area and in the hinterland of Genoa were the Valbormida and the Stura and Orba valleys. In total there are ten families displaced, one a Savona, quattro a Roussillon, five in Pontinvrea. There are 17 isolated families in Savona in the Santuario area and in the surrounding hamlets, as well as 5 families in Quiliano. At the moment there are no situations of danger or difficulty for these people.

Services suspended due to bad weather also begin to be restored. The section of A26 between Ovada and Masone closed yesterday due to a landslide. The Masone toll booth has also been reopened in both directions, after some technical checks. On the other hand, the circulation of trains on the line Genoa-Ovada-Acqui Terme interrupted yesterday due to the rise in the level of the Stura river which had reached the warning levels. The section is also closed to rail traffic Savona-San Giuseppe on the lines Savona-Turin e Alessandria-Savona. And train Turin-Savona e Fossano-San Giuseppe therefore they still terminate in Ceva while the Alessandria-Savona connections stop at San Giuseppe. The bus service remains between Ceva-San Giuseppe and Savona. Trenitalia has organized a bus from Acqui to Ovada and from Genoa to Ovada but the situation of the roads in the area between Liguria and Piedmont is still critical.

The section along the road is also closed state 35 Dei Giovi, in the municipality of Ronco Scrivia, in both directions, due to a landslide in the metropolitan area of ​​Genoa. Mud and debris fell on the road site. Closed, always due to landslides and always in the Genoese area also a section of the state of the Turchino, in both directions.

Florence, a woman overwhelmed by the collapse of a wall
A woman was injured in the collapse of a wall in Calenzano (Florence), in via del Dietro Poggio. Thehelicopter rescue who transported the woman to the hospital in red code. The portion of the fallen wall is about 60 meters long and 2 and a half high. The fire brigade teams are working to verify that no other people have been involved and for this reason mechanical means are also intervening on the spot for the rapid removal of the rubble from the commands of Florence and Prato. The injured person is a 49-year-old passerby who was walking down the street.

The Rome-Naples railway line via Formia is closed
Moving towards the center-south, there are other inconveniences in transport related to bad weather. Traffic has been suspended since 1.50 this night on the line Rome-Naples, via Formia, in the section between Rome Casilina and Latina, and on the line Rome-Neptune between Rome Casilina and Nettuno, due to damage caused by bad weather. During the strong storm, lightning caused a fire in a cable cabin near Torricola, with consequent damage to the train circulation systems.

Right in the capital, the local police let it be known that they are about about a hundred interventions carried out in the night due to heavy rain. The patrols have provided for the safety of some areas with the temporary closure of roads affected by flooding and falling branches or trees and the detection of any damage caused by bad weather.

The bad weather that is affecting the Campania it is also creating serious problems for commuters who use the trains Circumvesuviana. As announced by the Autonomous Volturno, “due to the flooding of the Scafati (Salerno) station, at the moment the traffic on the section Pompeii sanctuary-Poggiomarino is interrupted. The trains scheduled from Poggiomarino depart from Pompeii ”. The 6.49am trains from Scafati to Poggiomarino and the 8.04am on the reverse route were canceled. Also canceled the convoys of 7.47 departing from Naples to Poggiomarino and that of 9.16 directed from Poggiomarino to Naples. Suppression also for the 8 o’clock trains that went from Naples to Sorrento and the one scheduled at 10 from Sorrento to the Campania capital.

Trentino, lightning starts fires
Ad Arco, in Trentino, the numerous lightning strikes that struck the area triggered one series of fires. The alarm went off around 3 when an apartment in the historic center was engulfed in flames: the residents evacuated. Almost simultaneously, the firefighters also intervened in the municipal building: the electrical panels were blown up, sending the technical office up in smoke. A few minutes and there was still a fire alarm, this time at the Tarifa ice cream parlor: the premises were seriously damaged. The public lighting system and that of many commercial establishments are in a tailspin. Electric black out also in hotels. The situation returned to normal only in the morning.

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