“Nobody will pay more. Salvini will explain the League’s forfeit »- Corriere.it

“Nobody will pay more. Salvini will explain the League’s forfeit »- Corriere.it
“Nobody will pay more. Salvini will explain the League’s forfeit »- Corriere.it

The delegated tax law creates discontent in the government majority. The text presented to the political forces in the control room does not like the League which decides to desert the meeting. However, the Council of Ministers approves it. Draghi, speaking immediately afterwards with the reporters at Palazzo Chigi, flaunts serenity and says he does not know the reasons for the Northern League forfeit: Sar Salvini to explain them to us in the next few hours or in the next days. But for the answer, in reality, a few minutes are enough: The fiscal delegation is not the horoscope – comments the former deputy premier of the Chamber at a close press conference -, it is not good to know it half an hour from the council of ministers. In the text we see a possible increase in taxes and the League will not and will never agree on this.

The enabling law brought to the attention of ministers is linked to a 10-point reform aimed at revising the entire tax system which, as the Minister of Economy points out, Daniele Franco, which remained stuck 50 years ago and therefore needs a revision in the name of efficiency, rationalization, simplification and the fight against tax evasion and avoidance. The generic text is because – and Draghi himself explains it – an empty container that must be filled. More: A box inspired by certain principles that I believe are also widely shared by the League. And this will happen in the coming months, with new meetings, new discussions and with the participation of the Parliament (HERE the guidelines illustrated by Palazzo Chigi).

The premier repeatedly stresses that nothing will change for the taxpayer, that there will be no changes in the levy on citizens. And also for the home no one will pay more or less than is happening now. Interventions are planned on the Land Registry, says the head of the government, but it is a transparency operation does not change the taxation on real estate and land. In other words: The government undertakes to stack everything that is not stacked, land, housing, and proceeds to a revision of the cadastral rents, adjusting them to the market rents. But for this, he points out, they will be needed at least five years. In short, no immediate danger of new withdrawals.

Salvini for not convinced. It says that in the text there was no provision in the agreements and lists some points that the League believes it cannot accept, such as the hypothetical increase in the mini flat tax or a generic reshaping of the VAT rates without any clarification on who will pay more and who will pay less. There is also nothing on the scrapping of tax bills and on the installments of balances and advances. And while the generic nature of the formulation leaves open, for the League, the hypothesis of possible future tax burdens (I of Draghi di fido, but how can I do it in white of who will come after him?), there is no clear indication on the opposite side, or on the tax cut that the League considers condition not for his participation in the executive. Our confidence in this government was given on the assumption that there would be no tax increases – Salvini cuts short -. If anyone has changed their mind, explain it to the Italians.

The Northern League tear also agitates the rest of the majority. Enrico Letta convenes the ministers of the Democratic Party al Nazareno to take stock of the situation after Salvini’s stance. Who in his speech in front of the cameras had revealed that the representatives of other political forces would also have expressed discontent over the communication of the text at the last minute, only to have it passed to the council of ministers without any complaint. A reconstruction that contrasts with the official position of the Dems: The delegation on the tax reform is among the most important of the Pnrr – highlight the group leaders of the Chamber and Senate, Serracchiani e Lighten -. a reform that serves the country, particularly expected by the economic world. Salvini must explain why his ministers have deserted the meeting of the Council of Ministers and why he is against a measure that does not increase taxes and which, among other things, will have a careful examination of Parliament. We are very worried about this irresponsible attitude, which risks weakening the government and slowing down Italy’s recovery and reform process.


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