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Netflix expands its catalog with a new original series of Italian production entitled Astrological guide for broken hearts, based on the novel of the same name by Silvia Zucca. Let’s find out together the release date, the plot and the cast.

Astrological guide for broken hearts is the new original TV series Netflix of Italian production and will debut on the streaming platform next October 27.

The series is produced by Italian International Film – Lucisano Group and is taken from the book of the same name by Silvia Zucca published by North Publishing House. Filming the series, written by Bindu de Stoppani e Fabrizio Cestaro, took place entirely a Torino with the contribution of Piemonte Film TV Fund and the support of Turin Piedmont Film Commission.

Astrological Guide to Broken Hearts: Plot

Alice is a girl in her early thirties pursuit of great love and work fulfillment. Work as production assistant in a small television network and despite being the most competent person in the room, career opportunities are minimal.
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As if that weren’t enough, hers ex boyfriend Carlo is about to get married and become a father. To this is added thearrival of David, the new fascinating and mysterious creative director, hired with the strict task of verifying the productivity of the team.

Alice’s life, however, is about to change completely thanks tomeeting with Tio, an actor on the network’s flagship soap opera and self-styled guru of astrology, destined to soon become his personal astrological guide to broken hearts.

He cast

Claudia Gusmano plays the protagonist Alice Bassi, while Lorenzo Adorni plays the role of his friend Tio e Michele Rosiello those of Davide Sardi.

The rest of the cast consists of: Alberto Paradossi in the role of Carlo Barresi; Lucrezia Bertini in the role of Cristina Chioatto; Fausto Sciarappa in the role of Enrico Crippa; Emanuela Grimalda in the role of Marlin de Rose; Esther Elisha in the role of Paola Costa; Francesco Arca in the role of Alejandro; Alberto Boubakar Malanchino in the role of Andrea Magni; Giancarlo Ratti in the role of Giordano Bodrato; Maria Amelia Monti in the role of Ada Bassi; Bebo Storti in the role of Guido Bassi e Euridice Axen in the role of Barbara Buchneim.

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