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You will never be welcome in Milan again

You will never be welcome in Milan again
You will never be welcome in Milan again

In the past few hours, a banner against Gigio Donnarumma has appeared with a rather clear message that the Milan fans wanted to throw at the former Rossoneri goalkeeper in view of his return to the Meazza stadium for the UEFA Nations League match between Italy and Spain. In recent days, the extreme defender said he feared disputes.

“Donnarumma … you will never be welcome in Milan again … M **** man”. This is the banner that appeared in the last few hours in Milan for Gigio Donnarumma. The heart of the Milan fan, the South curve, wanted to deliver a message to the goalkeeper of the Italian National and former Rossonero in view of his return to the Giuseppe Meazza stadium for the semifinal of UEFA Nations League between Italy and Spain. A not exactly positive signal in view of the climate that the current goalkeeper of PSG and number one of the blue selection he could find at San Siro tomorrow night. It is not the first manifestation of this kind against the former number 1 of Milan, given that on the eve of this season’s first home game Devil two other very harsh banners had been displayed against him: “We the infamous do not forget them … You make more disgust than Leonardo”.

The Rossoneri fans continue to show their contempt, and at the same time the ‘burn’, for the way in which Donnarumma decided to leave Milan last July to marry at Paris Saint-Germain but this type of demonstration could negatively affect the performance of the goalkeeper of the Italian national team in a very important match like the one against Spain tomorrow.

In recent days the same goalkeeper, awarded as the best player of EURO 2020, had addressed the issue of a possible dispute against him at the press conference on the occasion of his return to the stadium that was his home for so many years: “I always gave my all to Milan, right up to the end. If there were the boos I would be sorry, because it is a very important match and I hope the fans can help us.”

The eve of Italy-Spain does not promise anything good but we are waiting for tomorrow evening to see how the San Siro crowd will welcome Gigio Donnarumma, the goalkeeper of the European champions.



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