Bruganelli, because the children are in the studio at GF Vip and Paolo’s advice: “Shut up!”

Big Brother Vip

The columnist of Alfonso Signorini reveals the background of his Big Brother: what happens at home before and after the episodes

Published on October 5, 2021

Sonia Bruganelli it was one of the most anticipated news of this Big Brother Vip 6. The wife of Paolo Bonolis he has always worked behind the scenes on television, but Alfonso Signorini convinced her to play on the front line. So Sonia came to the GF VIP with all his frankness and his sharp tongue, which never hurts in the role of columnist. Yet it is a bit disappointing that part of the public that counted on its impartiality: Bruganelli supports with a sword. Soleil Rises and it always makes her immune – if she doesn’t do it she just happens to be the Fox -. Soleil does not enjoy the broad consensus of the public. Beware, though: Soleil is liked only by a part of the spectators, it is true, but it is that part that fights to the last vote when it comes to saving or eliminating someone.

Interviewed by Tv Smiles and Songs, Sonia specified that she likes them “Crazy splinters that can shake the balance”. He also talked about his family: in the studio at GF Vip with Bruganelli there are often her children. The two biggest take turns and she explained why: they are fans of the show and they know some competitors. So Silvia and Davide accompany her alternating and this is the reason why in the photos before the episode there are her children with her. Indeed, it seems they were the ones who pushed her to accept the GF Vip!

What does your husband say and what does he think of it? Sonia also revealed all the advice she receives from Paolo Bonolis. The most common advice seems to be to prefer silence at times:

“He’s giving me great advice, like,” Shut up! ” (laughs ed). In the sense that he too is convinced that the line of looking without getting into too much controversy is the winning one. […] She also told me to be more diplomatic, which is a surprise to anyone who knows me well “

It’s not Paolo’s only tip, though. He himself taught her to say what she thinks when it makes sense to say it. Another great teaching she received from her husband is to be consistent, without hurting people. There is also one curiosities about Sonia Bruganelli, Paolo Bonolis and the GF Vip: he awaits you awake after the episodes. The columnist did not hide in fact that he never has the house keys with him, because he does not think about it. In the first moments, Paolo seems to pretend nothing has happened, then he begins to comment on the episode and a debate arises. Even his son Davide often enjoys contesting his interventions; she says “pretend”, but who knows. A handsome GF Vip friccicarello for Sonia, both a studio and at home!

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