“Explosiveness to the stars”, is the island in danger of disappearing? – Free Daily

“Explosiveness to the stars”, is the island in danger of disappearing? – Free Daily
“Explosiveness to the stars”, is the island in danger of disappearing? – Free Daily

There is still maximum alert around the Canary Volcano Cumbre Vieja, in La Palma, which has continued to erupt since last September 19th. According to experts from the Spanish Department of National Security, there could be an increase in explosiveness. The lava currently affects an area of ​​413.38 hectares, with a perimeter of 36.3 kilometers and a maximum width of 1,250 meters, and the fajana, the area that the lava has gained from the sea, occupies an area of ​​32.7 hectares and continues to increase.

The seismicity of the entire area also increased slightly. In the last 24 hours, dozens of earthquakes have been recorded, including one of magnitude 3.9, but experts exclude that it is the origin of a new eruption. The lava from the volcano has already buried about 400 hectares of land but also destroyed almost a thousand buildings: this was announced by the Spanish Department of National Security and the European system Copernicus. This is the most up-to-date data available, pending better visibility on the eruption area and allowing new updates through satellite images. The surface removed by the lava from the sea after the magma flow has reached the coast is already almost 30 hectares.

400 hectares buried and almost 30 removed from the sea. On Sunday evening, part of the volcano’s main cone collapsed, an event (considered normal in this type of eruption by experts) that led to a considerable increase in the flow of lava coming out of the Cumbre Vieja, volcanologists explained to the Iberian media. However, from the first observations it emerges that the magma would be flowing in the same areas as the previous flows. Sercondo Miguel Angel Morcuende, technical director of the emergency plan for eruption, “we would be obliged to apply new civil protection measures”.

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