“Juve cry over yourself! Agnelli is right about Dybala. Chiesa-Locatelli the future. Vlahovic … “

The possible comeback of the championship, the renewal of Dybala, Vlahovic, Merry. These and other topics are contained in the speech at Fuori di Juve by the journalist Massimo Giletti, a genuine Juventus fan.

Four consecutive successes, including Chelsea. Many things have to be improved, but will Juve be able to repeat the comeback of the 2015/2016 season?

“In football everything is possible, but it is very complicated. At that time there were no teams able to compete with Juve, this year Inter, Napoli and Milan are very strong, they play well and win even if the performance is not good. In the match against the Neapolitans I did not see this clear supremacy of the opponents. Juve must cry about itself, about its arrogance, about players who believe they are strong only because they wear the black and white shirt. If you recover the sense of team (like partly against Chelsea and Turin), something can be done, but the comeback remains very difficult, the 2015/2016 team was much stronger than today’s “.

The renewal of Dybala’s contract is imminent. Will we finally see the top player everyone is hoping for?

“Dybala is a great player, he has to make that leap in quality we have been waiting for a long time. He is an absolute number one, but he has to carry the team on his shoulders and have the charisma typical of champions. This is the big bet. Agnelli was not wrong. when he said that he must prove that he is earning an important salary. He must never give up and perhaps from this point of view, the removal of Ronaldo will give him more serenity. Paulo knows he is a notch above the others, but he must have continuity. The years pass, this it is the moment in which he has to make people understand who he is ”.

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Juve cry Agnelli Dybala ChiesaLocatelli future Vlahovic

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