Massimo Galli is also among the suspects

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05 October 2021 12:33


There would also be the Milanese virologist Massimo Galli, former head of the infectious diseases department at the Sacco Hospital in Milan, among the suspects of the Milan prosecutor’s office as part of an investigation by the Nas dei Carabinieri on alleged rigged competitions at the University of Studies from Milan. There are 33 people under investigation, including 24 university professors from important universities in the provinces of Milan
Pavia, Turin, Rome and Palermo. The virologist would be investigated for disturbed freedom of enchantments and false ideology together with professors from other universities.

The investigation into the alleged competitions operated at the State of Milan

The investigation was launched in March 2018 after the reporting of irregularities in the management of limited number enrollments at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry of the State University of Milan. The irregularities concern several episodes of conditioning of the public hiring of ordinary and associated teachers but also of hospital assistants and managers. The recruitments, according to the accusations, would have arrived according to non-merit-based criteria, but with the aim of favoring specific candidates through the preventive “profiling” of the competition notices on the chosen one to be favored. And also thanks to the timely selection of compliant members of the competition commissions.

The investigative activities of the NAS staff, still in the preliminary investigation phase, have allowed the state to challenge the suspects for the crimes referred to in articles: 416 of the criminal code (criminal association), 319 of the criminal code (corruption) 323 of the criminal code (abuse of office), 353 bis of the Criminal Code (disturbed freedom of enchantments), 476 of the Criminal Code and (Material falsehood committed by a public official).

Who is Massimo Galli?

Massimo Galli is Full Professor of Infectious Diseases at the University of Milan, in the Department of Clinical Biomedical Sciences at the Sacco Hospital. He achieved great notoriety with the outbreak of the covid 19 pandemic. According to what he himself announced, he should retire on 1 November 2021.


Massimo Galli among suspects

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