“Sperm terrorism” alarm in South Korea: 44 episodes in two years, that’s what’s happening

“Sperm terrorism” alarm in South Korea: 44 episodes in two years, that’s what’s happening
“Sperm terrorism” alarm in South Korea: 44 episodes in two years, that’s what’s happening

In South Korea it’s alarm “Sperm terrorism”. You read that right. It is a real, albeit rare, form of physical-psychological aggression where men ejaculate their sperm on objects belonging to women. The Korean magazine The Women’s News he quickly reckoned: 44 court cases were registered between 2019 and 2021 entered in the box “Sperm terrorists”, a figure that seems to go a little beyond the stunt of some single inappropriate ejaculator. The most sensational leaders are two and have even been reported since Guardian. In 2019, a man voluntarily “dirtied” a woman’s shoes with his own sperm and had to pay a fine of 500,000 won ($ 435). Another even more striking case involving a guy who was sentenced to three years in prison.

The man had to answer several charges, but essentially he had added laxatives, aphrodisiacs and even his own sperm in the coffee that he brought to a colleague every day. The gesture, however, was performed at least 54 times. Now this criminal practice is being prosecuted, and this should put an end to an absurd and humiliating habit. Instead, the problem somehow persists because there is no specific rule that sanctions the sex offender. In fact, in the two cases cited the guilty were convicted on charges of “Damage to property” the first, while in the second case no forced sexual violence has been established.

So much so that just in May 2021 here is the latest sensational sentence. A $ 2,500 fine to a government employee who ejaculated in his colleague’s coffee glass six times over the course of six months. The judges, however, did not recognize any sexual crime but, as reported by the Guardian, they believed that his actions “ruined” the usefulness of the container, or the plastic cup. The victim of the cup of coffee case was sexually humiliated, but it was not considered a sexual crime because it was not seen as direct physical contact, “explained Baek Hye-ryun, parliamentarian for the ruling Democratic Party in South Korea. who is trying to change the law: “By accusing the author of” damage to property “, his act was deemed to have violated the usefulness of the glass”. Baek recently presented a bill to the national assembly which seeks to broaden the scope of punishable sex crimes to include non-physical contact through the delivery of objects or substances that cause sexual shame.

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