The night of Salvini, the loser who ponders revenge

The night of Salvini, the loser who ponders revenge
The night of Salvini, the loser who ponders revenge

He does not recognize the defeat of Milan. He wants to arm himself with a congress-primaries to challenge the governist wing. He speaks of his ministers as a “foreign body”. He says that “he has the votes”. Think about leaving the government. All his ideas at high speed

He feels lost but cannot say that he has lost. He had just seen Milan fall and congratulated himself on the victory of “Bernarda and Muggia”. Last night, Matteo Salvini still called it “the conspiracy”. And, as in the Elizabethan dramas, they say that in Via Bellerio he foamed against his ministers “who have grown fond of armchairs. Where do they think they’re going? ”.

In his chessboard head, Salvini moved the Giancarlo Giorgetti “piece” from the government box and pushed away the Mario Draghi “tower” that his “advisors”, his talented women, say “is not worth what they say. Where is the money from the PNRR? Where is the avalanche of money? ”. What will Salvini do from today? Ministers now call them “a foreign body”. The “soldiers”, the most faithful, no longer receive his messages. Orders are jumping too. He is no longer a boss who commands but only a boss who watches.

How long have you not slept? Yesterday, he did not even wait for election night but began to convey this excuse. It was the alibi of “candidates who were chosen late”, the promise that “the method will change. We will choose them in advance “. He preferred to be interviewed in the afternoon, and not as often happens, at high moon, when everything is over. He spoke when it was already known that, in Milan, the candidate Luca Bernardo left the scene worse than he had entered. It is ballot in Turin and Rome. But in Turin the version is that it is thanks to Giancarlo Giorgetti who drove the candidacy of Paolo Damilano. Two visits and an interview that you still remember. Or at least that Salvini remembers. He will take revenge.

In Varese it is another ballot, until it is written. But even here, Matteo Bianchi, the candidate, if he wins, becomes “Giorgetti’s dolphin”. If he loses, which League will dare to attack an MP who has always been loyal even to Salvini? Vittorio Feltri, whose humble reader the secretary of the League once professed to be, explains that “whatever it touches does nothing but break it”. And he also says that Salvini is a “man to whom the only thing he can now wish for is to find peace of mind”.

Was he serene yesterday while he was interviewed and raised himself as a sociologist to the special Tg1? The problem of defeat became in fact “the bill, the mortgage, the child’s school” and warned the government that a new electoral law, the Zan law, the ius soli is not needed. Some said, “See? He will not leave the government ”. As if a statement from him were enough. Maria Giovanna Maglie, who is her philosopher, with Il Foglio, reasoned on the Northern League distinction: “There is governance without limitism and critical governance. Salvini must engage in critical governance ”. In government without limitism he inserted the League ministers and the usual Giorgetti who “now seems to me a technician”. For her, Salvini is still “the prince”, “the man capable of returning to 34 percent”. Yesterday morning, “the prince”, on social media, posted one of his sentences. She will definitely stay with him. There is no doubt. But who else?

In the League they have come to this. Salvini notes the declarations of loyalty. Of Massimiliano Fedriga, for example, desertion is not feared because he has already recalled: “I would not exist without Salvini”.

Everyone pretends to tell what’s in the mind of a “boss”. But nobody can tell about a head in disorder. It’s just a dynamite hotel. In one room there is Salvini’s conviction to convene a congress, even with primaries. It is a possibility. As mentioned, it is a room. In another lives the decision to reset the secretariat. The novelty could be a woman. One more: “I am the League. They all think they can leave me. What if I left them instead? “. It is the gamble of a party outside the party. They are not ideas but they are a bit like the landscapes that are observed from a train that is traveling at high speed. Salvini is being told, at least those he still trusts, “get out of the government and go back to 35 percent.” They are telling him that he has to do it in December and on something important like “pensions”, “the land registry”. They whisper to him that “the government has passed Giorgetti’s line. But your constituents don’t like Giorgetti’s line ”. The sentence starts today. He will be prosecuted if he does nothing. He will be condemned if he does something.

  • Carmelo Caruso

  • Carmelo Caruso, journalist in Palermo, Milan, Rome. He started in La Repubblica, he wrote eight years for Panorama dealing with politics, news, culture. In 2018 at Il Giornale. Today in the editorial office of Il Foglio.

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