“Mass of brain-damaged imbeciles”: the storm breaks out at Gf Vip

“Mass of brain-damaged imbeciles”: the storm breaks out at Gf Vip
“Mass of brain-damaged imbeciles”: the storm breaks out at Gf Vip

There are people, mostly very young but not only, who spend their time waiting for someone to take a false step, or allegedly so. The reason? Probably the desire to prove that there is someone worse than them in this world. It is a common behavior in real life, the traits of which are exasperated in a certain type of reality TV viewers, who are divided between the direct, 21 hours a day, of the GF VIP and social networks. They are there, lurking, ready to record, cut, edit and publish the videos of the scandal, complete with an indignant comment, waiting for the social fish to take the hook. They are so eager to catch someone in the wrong that often, in a hurry, they fall into error as they did a few hours ago. Excuses? They are not provided.

During the live transmission of the images from the House yesterday, something anomalous happened in the early afternoon. After a communication to the competitors, the director forgot to turn off the audio diffusion of the microphones and so a private conversation, which should have remained inside the secret rooms of the authors and the production, became public domain. It was not only heard by the tenants of the Gf Vip house but also by those who, at that moment, were tuned to channel 55 to follow the live broadcast.

While some of the gieffini are gathered in the garden to enjoy the sunny Roman days of October, a voiceover can be heard distinctly. “The mass of brain-damaged imbeciles… Fuck them“, says a woman. In the Casa, the cold falls among the competitors, undecided whether to pretend nothing has happened or, instead, to comment on what has happened. While in Cinecittà the embarrassment is palpable, at home the users do not have too many scruples and they share the short clip on social networks almost in real time.

And it is also needless to say that no one asked himself who was the target of those sentences, objectively strong, but decontextualized. All, or almost all, those who commented on the incident on social media took it for granted that the woman was referring to the competitors of the Gf Vip and so, without thinking too much, the usual mud machine started, a sport in which the right-thinking they have colonized the web are masters. They relied on the politically correct, asked for the pillory of the woman who is guilty of a grave sin. They even “investigated” to trace his identity, probably to go en masse on his social profiles to leave some insulting comments or the like, convinced that those words referred to the competitors in the House.

But no. Although those who uttered them certainly did not say something polite, most likely they were not referring to the tenants of the Cinecittà house. The doubt will never be clarified and probably, although the politically correct court thinks otherwise, it is not even necessary to clarify the matter.

Outside the House, however, the comments of the social networks have been added Giuseppe Campoccio, Paralympic athlete. “I am literally amazed, offended, and indignant, at how this sentence can pass without anyone taking a stand against the drafting of the program. I am a celebroleso who manages to win Olympic medals while you, what can you do?“, said Campoccio, Paralympic world bronze in the F33 shot put in London 2017 and Paralympic European champion in the F33 shot put in Berlin in 2018.

Then, the athlete belonging to the Paralympic Defense Sports Group, continued: “the celebrolesioni they are pathological consequences of illness or trauma that have nothing to do with people’s stupidity and ignorance. Brain injury, or brain injury, is damage to the brain (with the destruction of neuronal cells) that can occur from conception to birth and into adulthood“. In conclusion, Campoccio addressed the conductor:”Now I would like the conductor, Alfonso Signorini, to explain directly to all the Italians who follow the program, and not only, what has happened and what obviously disciplinary measure is done against the authors themselves (as is done for the competitors who are guilty of inappropriate attitudes or phrases blasphemy, offense at the bottom of rational or gender)

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