the new system to track down the crafty ones

The Ministry of Tourism has approved the new system designed to identify the crafty short-term rentals. We are in the tourism sector and there will be no respite for accommodation facilities.

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A fight that began a few years ago but only today is enriched with new tools. Let’s talk about the battle for short-term rentals which are part of the non-hotel tourism sector, an area that is difficult to control and manage. The new system introduced is presented as a high-level weapon aimed at defeating the crafty ones by relying on the database of accommodation facilities. Let’s go into the details and find out what will be the directives that these structures will have to follow in order not to risk incurring penalties of up to 5 thousand euros.

The system against short-term rentals

The new system provides for the presence of a database within which to collect all the data of the accommodation facilities that deal with short-term leases. The database saw the light in 2019 but only today, after the approval of the Ministry of Tourism, can it become a winning weapon.

Each structure will be assigned a code which must necessarily be displayed within the reference advertisement. If this code is not shown, penalties of various amounts will be applied, from 500 to 5 thousand euros. The figure could double up, then, in the case of reiteration of the crime. Some regions, such as Lombardy, have already proceeded to assign codes for the structures that deal with the type of rental in question. In case of absence, the database will assign one in the months to come.

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The next steps after assigning the code

The idea of ​​the new system is to create one IT platform following a public procedure and defining a memorandum of understanding with autonomous provinces and regions. Following the agreement, it will officially enter into force the mandatory nature of the code which will be supported by the drafting of the rules relating to the identification of the evaluation parameters of the accommodation facilities.

Specifically, the number of beds, the equipment included, the services offered, the accessibility and the presence of activities aimed at wellness will be evaluated. All data collected by the Regions will then be sent to the national database in order to create the reference database. The goal of the new system for the management of short rentals is to fight evasion, put an end to unfair competition and carry out the necessary checks to avoid the emptying of cities.


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