Ignazio Moser is not well, social break

05 October 2021 09:32

Cecilia Rodriguez’s boyfriend explains to fans: “I’ll cut everything off for a few days”

A life always on social media that of many showbiz characters. And then when they stop to devote themselves to real life they have to give an explanation to the fans. It also recently happened to Giulia De Lellis who kept her followers in suspense by explaining that she had undergone clinical analyzes. VIPs are used to sharing everything and so a few hours of absence are enough to make those who follow them worry. Even Paola Turani, pregnant and now out of term, connects at any time to keep the followers updated who, after an hour of silence on Instagram, already see her in the delivery room. It is the downside: a life always online and when you need to take your time, you have to “justify” the reason.

And so Ignazio is facing health problems and has to break away from social media. But in order not to leave the fans with doubts and thoughts, he himself says “I will keep you updated”. A respite from Instagram to get back in better shape than ever. Compensating for his absence is his girlfriend Cecilia Rodriguez who collects one shooting after another. Just follow it …

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Ignazio Moser social break

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