“I had sex with a trans, it seemed …”

After coming out of Giucas Casella, al Big Brother Vip the hot revelations of Amedeo Goria. While chatting with the other contestants of the reality show, the ex-husband of Maria Teresa Ruta told a spicy anecdote. “Once I was with three women … Yes, you got it right, three, what are you surprised at? Guys, I did everything. One of them looked like an ex of Aldo Montano. This one here then at the end it turns out he had the wand underneath. But to me she is a woman. I saw it as such. Today I don’t think it’s a strange thing. I am for everyone’s freedom. Everyone has to do and go with whoever they want “, Goria said.

Giucas Casella’s comment

“Ma it’s normal guys, it happens to everyone doesn’t it? When I was young I had these experiences, but it happens. In some cases they were only preliminary. It wasn’t a story. I’m not bisexual, I just think you can go with men and women “, commented Giucas Casella. “I agree with Giucas, it’s normal and it’s nice to tell it. This helps to break down prejudice. Even if today things have changed, but not only for LGBT people, but also for the disabled “, he observed instead Manuel Bortuzzo.

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Gf Vip: from Soleil Sorge to Giucas Casella, all in underpants for art!

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