Anticipations Una Vita, abrupt awakening from a coma: she remembers nothing!

A new week of episodes of the Spanish soap opera Una Vita – Acacia 38 is about to start: sensational news


The city of Acacias does not have time to rejoice at the exit from the coma of Felipe which faces another problem. According to the previews of the next episodes of Una Vita, in fact, after being poisoned by Laura – in turn commanded by Velasco – l’Alvarez-Hermoso wakes up, but has amnesia.

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Felipe, in fact, he remained at the death of Celia and hatred for Ramon: has no idea who he is Genoveva, therefore it does not recognize it. There Salmeron, in fact, she went to the hospital precisely for the awakening of her ex-husband, with whom she hopes to be able to clarify: this is the version she gives to Velasco that it was the man who concocted the poisoning and that he confessed it to the woman he loves.

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Anticipations Una Vita, Ildefonso disappears: Camino is devastated

Maite Ildefonso and Camino (@Twitter)

Anabel makes a public confession on Ildefonso creating a stir ad Acacias and that makes a faint Felicia, subsequently rescued by Marcos. The restaurateur proposes to Camino to give up marriage with Ildefonso, but she reacts very badly by claiming that she cannot abandon her future husband in time of need.

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At a certain point, Ildefonso disappears and the last to have seen it was Cesareo. Camino she will face an unpleasant situation alone and, destroyed, is supported only by Anabel trying to pull it up.


Anticipations Una Vita abrupt awakening coma remembers

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