pushed stuff, Signorini stops everything – Libero Quotidiano

pushed stuff, Signorini stops everything – Libero Quotidiano
pushed stuff, Signorini stops everything – Libero Quotidiano

Francesco Fredella

05 October 2021

Maybe between Giucas Casella e Katia Ricciarelli, in the past, there has been something. Probably a flirt. Maybe. For now, the unexpected news is launched by the illusionist during the sixth episode of Big Brother Vip, the Canale 5 reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini, the episode is that of Monday 4 October. Giucas without brakes: coming out first (saying he had sex with men) and then the flash story with the singer. But let’s go step by step. Katia says: “Is that why you never flirted with me?”. Giucas replies: “But I always flirted with you, that’s not true. What are we to say that night there? No…”.

Signorini asks Ricciarelli for explanations: that night mentioned by Giucas certainly cannot end up in oblivion in a short time. “I did something with him I forgot“, Says Katia. And he jokes: “Did I hypnotize you?“Then he continues, in a low voice, saying,“ What was I like? Rare? Didn’t it work well?“. Alfonso puts a stop because the story becomes spicy and uncontrolled. “Okay, that’s enough. Thank you “, the conductor closes.

Giucas, born under the protective wing of Pippo Baudo who discovered it by bringing it on television, has been in a relationship for 40 years with a woman who is practically as if she were his wife (even if they are not married yet). To the GF VIP he says: “I have not had serious relationships, only occasional encounters and I remember them with great pleasure. […] I was incredibly lucky to have had many experiences and then to have met the woman of my life “.

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pushed stuff Signorini stops Libero Quotidiano

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