Beautiful anticipations, the truth always comes out: Ridge upset

The previews of the new episodes of Beautiful reveal important resolves of the plot in that of Los Angeles

Eric, Ridge e Quinn (@Twitter)

A The Angels something striking is happening: Quinn is devising a new plan to get married Ridge e Shauna a The Angels and get away permanently Brooke. The advances of Beautiful reveal that while Eric e Carter they try to convince the Forrester not to marry, Brooke is now destroyed by the news.

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A sudden turnaround comes on the wedding day when Katie finds out the whole truth after overhearing a conversation between Quinn and her best friend. Katie immediately runs from Ridge to tell him how things really are and the latter decides not to marry anymore Shauna.

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Beautiful advances, Liam accused of kidnapping

Beautiful advances

The previews of the next episodes of Beautiful, reveal that Liam is accused of kidnapping. In particular, the man tries to talk to the doctor Finnegan to get real answers on the conditions of Steffy: when he enters the house, he finds the Forrester unconscious and unconscious and next to her an empty box of pills. Afraid of the situation, Liam he decides to take her away with him to keep her safe, but when he wakes up Steffy he will accuse him of kidnapping: he remembers nothing of what happened.

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Still in a far from optimal state, the Forrester shows up at the home of Brooke asking her back her daughter and a squabble begins that Ridge will try to appease. Of course, Steffy he takes out a knife and threatens everyone. Liam alert Finn of the situation and together with Ridge they decide to take her to a recovery center to have her detoxified.


Beautiful anticipations truth Ridge upset

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