Serie B: Parma high voltage. Maresca falters, Cannavaro suggestion

Serie B: Parma high voltage. Maresca falters, Cannavaro suggestion
Serie B: Parma high voltage. Maresca falters, Cannavaro suggestion

The results are not satisfactory and some choices are not very convincing. The fans protest, the club reflects. And the virtual casting has started

Enzo Maresca’s bench creaks, far beyond the reassurances that come from the management (as is usual in these cases). The disappointing results of Parma at this start of the championship have sounded the alarm: only two wins in seven games are a pittance in relation to the investments of the club and the (legitimate) proclamations of the president Kyle Krause who logically planned, after the relegation , the immediate return to Serie A.

No game

Not only the lack of results, but also the absence of the game is worrying: during the hot summer days there was a lot of reasoning about the purposeful football inspired by “guardioliana” that Maresca wanted and now there is much discussion about the fact that nothing what was hypothesized (or promised) we saw on the field. It is logical that, during this period of rest, evaluations are made. The fans are very critical and do not hide their discontent by using social networks. It seems that the idyll between the people and the team is really at an all-time low. Also on this aspect the executives are thinking. In addition, there are choices of the coach, in the last match in Ferrara, when Parma was reached in the final after being in the lead by 2-0, which they did not convince and are charged to him. Why, when you had to raise the wall and bring home the result with your teeth, did Maresca decide to include two kids (one of them even a rookie)?

Serie B is a very tough championship, more than the technical qualities and the “found” tactics count the determination, the athletic condition, that sense of belonging that, up to now, Parma have not shown. It was perhaps not the perfect moment for certain experiments, and someone must have pointed this out to the coach. Who, in the post-match, complained about the team’s attitude in the second half (“we stopped playing”) and instead praised the performance of the first 45 ‘, saying that Parma managed the match well: only one shot on goal (even if it yielded Tutino’s goal), in the first half, it seemed very little. The reality is there for all to see: after three months of work (also considering the summer preparation period) Parma is still not a team. And time begins to run out.

The polls

Having said that no voice comes out of the button rooms and that Maresca is officially firmly in the saddle, some exploratory calls have been made. Recipient of these calls Fabio Cannavaro, who has just terminated his contract with the Chinese club Guangzhou Evergrande. At the moment it is a suggestion, nothing more. However, under trace, we work and evaluate the possible possibilities to give a change to a situation that is too nebulous. Another name that circulates in the environment is that of Rino Gattuso who, after his experience at Napoli, is waiting to find a free bench. Going down to Serie B, probably, would be a problem for him, but Ringhio is not the type to stop in front of the appearance: if the project convinced him, he would not back down. On the other hand, the road that leads to Andrea Pirlo, the other technician on whom evaluations are being made, seems more complicated. One thing is certain: Maresca has played a large part of the credits he had benefited from when he arrived and patience is a virtue that in football is used with a dropper.

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Serie Parma high voltage Maresca falters Cannavaro suggestion

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