at least one hundred interventions in the city

05 October 2021 09:34


Bad weather raged in Rome on the night between 4 and 5 October. As foreseen by the Civil Protection, rains and thunderstorms hit various areas of the city. At least one hundred interventions in the city reported by the local police of Roma Capitale. The patrols have provided for the safety of some areas with the temporary closure of roads affected by flooding and falling branches and trees, as well as the detection of any damage caused by bad weather.

The main interventions concerned the areas of Castel Fusano, Primavalle, in particular via Pietro Bembo. Also via Guglielmo Marconi, at the height of via Cristofoto Colombo, via delle Vigne, via Roberto Marcolongo, via Don Primo Mazzolari, via Clivo di Scauro, via delle Fornaci and via Appia Pignatelli. The surveillance service and facilitation of traffic by white helmets throughout the Capitoline territory is still in place.

Bad weather damage in the province

Damages that also affected the province of Rome. In Nettuno, the Rome – Naples train line, via Formia and Rome – Nettuno suspended due to damage due to bad weather in the Torricola station. Busy night, even for the Civitavecchia Fire Brigade. In addition to the numerous routine interventions, at midnight the firefighters intervened in via Tirso for sheared high voltage electricity cables.

Probably, due to adverse weather conditions, the cables fell and in the underlying road section that connects the port to Viterbo. Bonifazi men, assisted by the traffic police and a police car, blocked the roads to prevent them from approaching. Enel and Terna personnel checked the power failure. After securing the area, around 04.00 the Civitavecchia Fire Brigade had to respond to other interventions due to heavy rain.


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