The Fiesole Curve and the Koulibaly case. The reconstruction of the Corriere Fiorentino: “Offended a woman”

On today’s pages de Florentine courier what happened at the Franchi stadium on Sunday evening at the final whistle of Fiorentina-Napoli is reconstructed, when racist hatred of a small part of the Fiesole curve was unleashed. Speaking is Marco (invented name): “In all there must have been a maximum of twenty people scattered here and there who pronounced racist offenses during and after the game. In the end they were about ten meters away, I tried to intervene by asking to stop, but it was useless. In fact, I even caught insults. And so it happened to a woman who was next to me, they told her to mind her own business because she was a woman “.


Fiesole Curve Koulibaly case reconstruction Corriere Fiorentino Offended woman

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