Rome, fire in the Atac depot of Tor Sapienza: 20 buses destroyed –

Rome, fire in the Atac depot of Tor Sapienza: 20 buses destroyed –
Rome, fire in the Atac depot of Tor Sapienza: 20 buses destroyed –

a fire (most likely arson), it developed in the night in Atac deposit, the municipal public transport company, on via Prenestina in Rome. They would be at the stake 26 buses were destroyed. There are no people involved. The fire broke out for reasons yet to be ascertained around 4.30 and was kept in check by fire fighters.

The confirmation of what happened during the night comes from Atac: «For reasons to be ascertained, a fire developed at bus depot of Tor Sapienza. The stake involved about twenty older generation cars, with varying degrees of damage, but it didn’t cause problems for people. The firefighters and the police intervened on the spot. Atac immediately activated the internal investigations to clarify the reasons for what happened “.

In the deposit also intervened shortly before 4.30 am the carabinieri of the investigative unit of via in Selci who have played a number of reliefs in the parking lot affected by the fire where during the morning also remains of six other charred cars confused with those of the buses already burned. Under consideration the images of internal and external video surveillance to the Atac complex to understand if someone managed to get inside despite the vigilance. Investigations underway also with the help of the firefighters’ fire investigation unit to search any traces of flammable substances or liquids that may have been used to start the flames, should this hypothesis be confirmed in the continuation of the investigations. Contact the warehouse managers.

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