the funniest reviews on Steam –

the funniest reviews on Steam –
the funniest reviews on Steam –

eFootball 2022 it was not well received by the gamer community, as you can tell from reviews from Steam, some very funny indeed. It is currently the worst-rated game on the platform, so to speak, so much so that it has sparked a real ruckus.

Nyzi writes: “At least the Uninstall button works“while Liem Goodman is so disappointed as to say”It doesn’t matter if the game is free, I still asked for a refund.“There are also those who installed eFootball 2022 driven by negative reviews, such as the user Gluuten:”I installed it just to join the party.

There are also those who took the opportunity to tell one dramatic story, like user superadir: “My father has been smoking all his life. I was ten when my mother told him: “If you want to see your son graduate, you have to stop now.” His eyes filled with tears as he realized what was at stake. He stopped immediately. Three years later he died of lung cancer. It was a very sad moment that destroyed me. My mother said to me, “Never smoke. Don’t do to your family what your father did to ours.” I reassured her. I am now 28 and have never touched a cigarette. I have to say that I feel a slight regret that I never did, as your game gave me cancer anyway …

Of course, the prevails light and quick jokes, like those already reported, or like “You screwed up your brain: the video game“written by user Are you out of your …, or as”Not even Konami would play it …“of the user Chisa or as”Words cannot describe how great this game is. But the numbers do. 1/10“of the user masoudbbyhimself. There are also those who affirm that”It is more exciting to play with the pngs of the balls and the players in Paint 3D“, to say (the Bird user).

In short, there really is something for everyone and users are indulging themselves more and more to search for words to express their disappointment.


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