Reservations are open for the third dose of the vaccine: from mid-October it will be done with the flu shot, here is who can receive it

Reservations are open for the third dose of the vaccine: from mid-October it will be done with the flu shot, here is who can receive it
Reservations are open for the third dose of the vaccine: from mid-October it will be done with the flu shot, here is who can receive it

UDINE. Reservations are also open in Friuli Venezia Giulia to receive the third dose of the anti Covid vaccine. From Monday 5 October, citizens born in 1941 and in previous years who have received the first two doses for at least six months, can contact the Cup counters of the health authorities, the authorized pharmacies, the regional call center (0434223522) active from Monday to Friday. , from 7 to 19, Saturdays from 8 to 14 or the webapp, to set the date on which to show up at the vaccination centers.

The vaccination campaign has entered the third phase and is preparing to continue along with the flu shot.

Who can receive the third dose?

The line to be followed is dictated by the circular issued in recent days by the Ministry of Health. The Region was organized in three stages: it started with frail patients and then moved on to the guests of the nursing homes and, therefore, to the health personnel.

Fragile patients are also considered to be those born before 1941, those who have turned 80 or will turn 80 by next December 31: as of yesterday all these people can book the third dose.

From 15 October, on the other hand, the co-administration of anti Covid-19 and anti-flu vaccines will involve healthcare professionals at greater Covid risk due to age, pathology or activity carried out. The organization of third-dose vaccination in nursing homes is different, and remains the responsibility of the health authorities.

They will set the days of administration for guests and health workers in residences for the elderly and retirement homes. Finally, in a third moment, those born in 1961 and in previous years will be involved, those suffering from diseases that can aggravate the consequences of Covid, and health workers exposed more than others to the risk of contagion from Sars-CoV2.


“Given the circular from the Ministry of Health of last October 2 that makes it possible to schedule the administration of other vaccines together with the Covid-19 vaccine, from October 15 we will offer the co-administration of anti-influenza and anti Covid-19 vaccines to operators health care at greater risk Covid, while from the third week of October the co-administration of both vaccines will be made available to guests and staff of residential facilities for the elderly as well as to citizens born in 1941 or earlier “.

This was communicated by the deputy governor with responsibility for Health, Riccardo Riccardi, in highlighting that “the dates have been set taking into account the availability of flu vaccines in the pharmacies of the health authorities and the overlap of some categories for which both vaccinations are recommended”.

The contagion

As always happens on weekends, the contagion rate drops. Yesterday Riccardi formalized 19 new infections compared to 2,465 swabs (1,523 molecular). On the other hand, the number of patients admitted to intensive care is growing, passing in the last days from 7 to 9 and from 9 to ten. Given the decline in Covid patients in medical wards, it is easy to imagine that some have worsened.

The absence of deaths keeps the total number of deaths with Covid at 3,824 units: the most affected province is that of Trieste. In health facilities and retirement homes, no contagion emerged yesterday.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in Friuli Venezia Giulia, the virus has affected 113,992 people: 23,256 reside in the province of Trieste, 52,569 in that of Udine, 22,909 in the Pordenone area, 13,669 in the province of Gorizia and 1,589 outside the region. –

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