Abstention wins, center-right debacle, Raggi puts the Pd-5Stelle laboratory in crisis

From the results of the municipal elections of 3 and 4 October 2021 three figures emerge: a coalition has lost across the board, that of the center-right; a coalition won in the most important cities, that of the center-left; an unprecedented abstention, with the ballot boxes of the largest Italian cities to which less than half of the voters who were entitled were presented.

Municipal 2021: the left and the Democratic Party wins

The center-left wins because he conquers three cities in the first round. The first is Milan with Mayor Beppe Sala. Result obtained with the support of a coalition in which the contribution of the Democratic Party is fundamental: the first symbol of the city above 30%.

The victory of the left can also be defined as “overwhelming” without fear of denial in Bologna, where Matteo Lepore wins in the first round with over 60% of the preferences and, even in the Bolognese capital, the contribution of the Democratic Party, which is the most voted party in the city.

The third city is Naples where, even here, the left flies over 60% with its mayor Gaetano Manfredi, supported by a democratic coalition.

Then there is the game of the capital, perhaps the most important. Rome is not yet done because it will go to the ballot between Roberto Gualtieri and Enrico Michetti. The votes of Virginia Raggi and Carlo Calenda will compete. The pentastellata and the former democrat, together, bring with them a dowry of almost 40% of the Roman preferences. Votes arriving from various parts and for this reason the game on Rome is still open.

Ballot also in Turin, where however, even here, there is a winner: it is the Democratic Party, which alone collects a higher consensus than the three center-right parties (Lega, Fdi and Fi) put together. So much so that the most voted list of the right is the civic “Torino Bellissima”.

Municipal 2021: right-wing debacle

The Piedmontese capital is emblematic in the analysis of the center-right debacle, whose parties disfigure even in front of the civics. Turin was not taken for granted, if only because it was difficult to read after five years of 5-star government. But in Milan, the city of Berlusconi, the heart of the north where Umberto Bossi’s Lega was born, the right could not look worse: Lega at 11%, Fratelli d’Italia at 9 and Forza Italia at 7%.

In Bologna, the coalition does not even reach 30%, with the civic list for Battistini as mayor that takes even more than Forza Italia.

In Naples, the center-right of Catello Maresca reaches 20%, with Fratelli d’Italia and Forza Italia which, together, do not even make 10%.

So there are still some cities where the result is not defined. Yet the numbers of the Democratic Party are a furrow in the history of the center-left because they certify how the secretariat of Letta is going in the right direction: a great center-left with Pd and 5 Star Movement signed by Giuseppe Conte and the galassia of the left. This is why the watchword is “unity”. The secretary Enrico Letta also said, commenting on the data of the first projections: “We won because we were united”. In fact they weren’t in Calabria, where the center-right won.

Enrico Letta also said something else, this time addressing the center-right: “They lost because they weren’t united. A federator is missing ”. To tell the truth, the center-right has lost in the cities by always appearing united. And then it depends. If by union we mean the sum of the votes taken by the parties, the center-right has lost just united in a coalition. If, on the other hand, by “union” we mean shared programs and unified candidates, around which to build real battleships, then yes: the center-right lost because it presented itself to the elections as a poorly assembled orchestra. Salvini also admitted this when, after the first exit polls, he declared: “The united center wins but must be united seriously.” The leader of the League, not too much between the lines, says so. They have been united on paper , but in fact they slaughtered themselves to the last around candidates without an adequate profile.

At the political level, there is a center-right to be re-founded in the territories and a center-left on the right path. A schizophrenic right and a laboratory for a new united left. Proof? What could have happened in Rome if Virginia Raggi had stepped aside, leaving the Pd and Movimento 5 Stelle the way to nominate Nicola Zingaretti. Perhaps the Roman match would have been something else entirely.

The left wins and the right loses. Yes, but looking at the disappointing results of the 5 Star Movement, one can also say that the populists lose and the government forces win. The 5 Star Movement on the left is bad, as does Lega and Fratelli d’Italia on the right. Meloni and Salvini had resumed the electoral campaign by beating on the old battle horses: security and the fight against immigration. Maybe that too was a mistake. The country is no longer what it used to be. It changed after the pandemic. He has chosen to get vaccinated, has willingly accepted the Green Pass and sees the Prime Minister Mario Draghi and the President of the Republic as the two most credible and authoritative political figures. Maybe nobody listens to the stadium curve tones anymore.

Municipal 2021: non-voting wins

There remains the data of the influxes that anguish everyone. Both winners and losers have become aware of the fact that over half of the electorate feels orphaned by a distracted and far from problems politics. The virus of abstention is widespread in large cities and not in small towns, where instead the percentages of turnout even reach 70-80%. What does it mean? That the problems are in the big centers, where there are the peripheries left to themselves. They are the ones where the 5 Star Movement had once taken root, running as an anti-system movement. Today that Movement no longer exists, but there are still people capable of inheriting that role. One is Virginia Raggi, the only woman capable of shifting the votes of the Movement that was once. At the end of a press conference full of resentment, all the applause of the Orthodox of the 5 Star Movement arrives.

There are no pats on the back of Luigi Di Maio and Giuseppe Conte, who choose to go to Naples to celebrate the victory of Gaetano Manfredi. Virginia Raggi in Rome is alone and Michele Sodano, former 5-star deputy, tweets: “The joyful embrace with Manfredi in Naples (where the movement conquers a measly 10%), congratulations to Letta for winning the seat as a deputy in Siena , make Giuseppe Conte the Charon of the 5 Star Movement. From a force of national rebirth to a junior partner of the Democratic Party. The End “. There is an air of reckoning.

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