Vaccines, third dose ready for everyone. It starts at the end of October with the over 70s –

Vaccines, third dose ready for everyone. It starts at the end of October with the over 70s –
Vaccines, third dose ready for everyone. It starts at the end of October with the over 70s –
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The logistic plan involves pharmacists – administrators and general practitioners Son: We have a roaring machine, we can all vaccinate in parallel

The scientists of the Scientific Technical Committee take the time for an evaluation that has already begun but not completed. The organizational machine, on the other hand, is already in motion. Ready from the end of October, with the administration of the third dose of the anti Covid vaccine to 70-79 year olds and, in turn, to 60-69 year olds. Even for the third dose, the plan will begin with opening reservations, based on the date you received the second dose. But then off with the open days and vaccinations without an appointment. And, compared to the first round, a
general practitioners and 22,000 pharmacists will also be administered who have completed training as vaccinators.

Ema and the choices in Italy

The note from the EMA delegates the decision to the national health authorities who will rely on the antibody response to the first vaccination course, and its fading over time and age. The Scientific Technical Committee has already started the evaluation starting from the over 70s. For the moment – confirms Franco Locatelli, who is the coordinator of the CTS – the only decision taken concerns immunocompromised people, guests of the RSA, over eighty years old and health workers over 60 or more exposed. Categories for which administration of the third dose has begun. About who is over 70 and also who is over 60, the discussion is underway. Who expects a decision shortly the commissioner for the emergency who is leading the vaccination campaign, Francesco Paolo Figliuolo.

Ready doses

Son, in fact, to reveal that the program already in black and white. We await the evaluation of the EMA on the third dose – he had declared, host of the broadcast of Raitre Che tempo che fa, two days ago – we have enough doses to vaccinate all Italians a third time. And without suspending the campaign of the first doses and reminders: we can proceed in parallel. The roaring car, everyone envies us, and the crew has to get on board. But of course it will be the scientists who will show us how to proceed. We are ready. And based on the scientists’ assessment of the antibody transfer rate, the first to be called for a third dose will be the 70-79 year olds.

The calendar

The third dose, as the EMA indicates, must be administered at least six months after the second. And the CTS is oriented to suggesting it to over 60s. And
it begins, as always, with the older ones. The 70-79-year-olds, about six million, have been called to the hubs since March 11 and have largely completed the cycle by the end of last April. The window for them to receive the third dose, therefore, opens for them as early as the end of this month. Of course, there was no lack of latecomers and rioters, but the audience of vaccinables with a further recall made up of 90% of those six million. By the same calculation, 60-69-year-olds – unless the CTS chooses to call for the third dose from 65, such as France and the United States – who completed their period by the end of June, would be recalled in early January.. In this case, out of a pool of about 7 and a half million vaccinated, the percentage of non-immunized is a little higher: 11.3%. As for the younger ones, on the other hand, we will see further on. But Locatelli very cautious: There is no evidence to suggest that a healthy 40-year-old with a good immune response should receive the third dose, he reiterated yesterday.

With the flu shot

Always from a logistical point of view, therefore, not only the third doses they will proceed together with first and second for those citizens yet to be reached. But, in view of the autumn period, they could be given together with the flu shot, which is also recommended over the age of 65. Figliuolo does not see any logistical difficulties n administering the two vaccines at the same time n, in the future, managing a third generalized dose for everyone. When the data on the field relating to the decline in antibodies recommend it for everyone, we will be ready, concludes Figliuolo.

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