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away the mask in elementary school in France and Germany

away the mask in elementary school in France and Germany
away the mask in elementary school in France and Germany

elementary school children in the classroom with a mask – Frame

There are countries that have said enough to masks in the classroom, at least for the pupils. These are France and Germany, which since 4 October have decided to exempt elementary school children from the personal protective equipment.

It must be said, however, that the provision is not valid for all the French departments and the German Laender. Beyond the Alps, the mask will no longer be mandatory in the classroom where there is an incidence of Covid-19 infections permanently below the threshold of 50 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants: at the moment 47 of the 96 metropolitan departments meet these requirements, especially in Brittany, Normandy and Burgundy. But in southern France and Corsica, the measures will not be relaxed.

Even the Land of Berlin, in Germany, exempts young students up to the sixth grade from the mask. In Bavaria, however, the new provision affects all schools. Pediatricians applaud: “The time has come to return to normal in the classroom, being able to breathe normally, without the limits represented by the mask,” says Jakob Maske, of the association of German pediatricians, at Deutschlandfunk. The teachers’ associations, on the other hand, are criticized.

For the other students, however, the mask remains on. Exactly like in Italy, where from 6 years of age there is the obligation of protection, unless the whole class is vaccinated (but this can only concern those over 12 years old).


mask elementary school France Germany

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