The roots in Pavia, then the career in Milan. The manager who died in the Milan crash was flying with his wife and son

The roots in Pavia, then the career in Milan. The manager who died in the Milan crash was flying with his wife and son
The roots in Pavia, then the career in Milan. The manager who died in the Milan crash was flying with his wife and son

Filippo Nascimbene had roots in Pavia, where he was born 32 years ago, but as a child he moved with his mother to Piedmont in Monferrato, where he completed his studies before moving to Milan. In the Lombard capital he had laid the foundations for his career, as a manager in a personnel selection company. On the plane of the disgrace he was traveling with his wife, Claire Alexandrescou, a 33-year-old French citizen and a relative of the Romanian billionaire Dan Petrescu, and their son, Raphael, just one and a half years old. There was also his wife’s mother, Miruna Anca Wanda Lozinschi, a 65-year-old Romanian with French citizenship. They had all celebrated the baby’s baptism together in Milan, which was also attended by the family of the real estate developer Petrescu, and then boarded the plane to reach Sardinia, where they would be guests in a villa in Gallura for a few days.

Filippo Nascimbene was a friend of 30-year-old Dan Stefan Petrescu, son of the aircraft owner. They were supposed to be vacation days, but the journey from Linate to Olbia turned into a tragedy.

The link with Pavia

The manager’s link with Pavia is his sister, Mariasole Nascimbene. That on the phone, when the news begins to spread even in the city, he confines himself to confirming: «Yes, he’s my brother. But not, but I feel like saying nothing ». Few words, in the face of a tragedy that leaves you astonished.

Filippo was born, like his brother Cesare, from the first marriage of his father, Alberto Nascimbene, from Pavia, with a woman originally from Casale Monferrato.

Plane crashed, firefighters: “Devastating impact, there was also a child”

The parent, who was an insurer in Pavia and also managed a real estate company, had remarried to a Restivo after the end of the first marriage, while the children had gone to live in Piedmont. In July of last year, Alberto Nascimbene died at the age of 64 from an illness that struck him near the San Matteo hospital in Pavia.

The man, who lived in via Lunga, was known in the city, while in Pavia few remember his children, who studied in Piedmont. Cesare Nascimbene appears today to reside in Monferrato. Apparently it was he who called the air border police yesterday afternoon and said that maybe his brother was on that flight.

Milan, crashed plane: the images from the top of the stricken building

The authorities checked the list of passengers who boarded the aircraft and indeed there was the name of the young manager. However, since this is an unofficial list, the confirmation of the eight victims arrived only in the late afternoon yesterday, also through the report of the family members, who were aware of the baptism celebrated in the morning in Milan and of the meeting between the two families, that of Filippo Nascimbene and Dan Petrescu, the 68-year-old wealthy real estate developer and owner and pilot of the aircraft. The operations to identify the victims lasted a long time.

The small plane pulverized and crashed into the facade of a two-story building shortly after take-off in San Donato Milanese. The air border police specified in the evening that, given the absence of an official list, comparisons of genetic profiles are necessary.

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