Esports regulation in Italy and Europe, we talk about it at Round One

Esports regulation in Italy and Europe, we talk about it at Round One
Esports regulation in Italy and Europe, we talk about it at Round One

On 6 October Round One hosts two panels dedicated to the regulation of electronic sports. For the focus on Italy to moderate will be Alessio Crisantemi, director in charge of

There is talk of national and international regulation of esports at Round One, the most important business event dedicated to electronic sports in Italy scheduled for 5 and 6 October at the Ogr – Officine grande repairs in Turin, a hub of innovation and art housed in an industrial complex of the late nineteenth century.

With numerous exceptional speakers, among which we also figure

In the ongoing debate on measures to be taken to promote the development of the esports sector, there are those who argue that esports should be regulated or recognized as a sport. But is it true that esports are not regulated? And is sports regulation really the right solution for the esports sector? Round One will host an exclusive discussion on the topic with some representatives of the industry at European level.

The appointment is for Wednesday 6 October from 11 to 11.45 in Sala Duomo with the panel “The regulation of esports in Europe: urban legends vs reality”. The occasion will see the participation of two important international guests, Sergi Mesonero, Head of Isfe Esports, and Virginie Gringarten, VP Associate General Counsel of Ubisoft, moderated by Adriano Bizzoco, Public Affairs Manager di Iidea.

Then, from 11.45 to 13.00, it will be the turn of the second panel on the theme “The regulation of esports in Italy: what you need to know”. Simona Lavagnini (lawyer, partner of Lgv Avvocati), Helene thibault (Lawyer, Counsel of Tonucci & Partners) e Marco Imperiale (lawyer, Head of Innovation at Studio Legale Lca) will try to answer the most common questions of operators in the sector. What are the rules applicable to esports in Italy? How do intellectual property rights apply? What are the rules to take into account for the use of video games in events and competitions? How can teams structure themselves to achieve their goals? How does esports differ from sport? The appointment will be moderated by Alessio Crisantemi, managing director of

Both meetings, as well as all the appointments scheduled at Round One, they can follow both live and remotely through the platform to access the streaming of the panels available at the link

The Round One ticket office is already open and offers three types of tickets: General Access which includes access to all the contents of the live event, except matchmaking; Digital Access which includes access to all digital content of the event, except matchmaking; VIP Access includes access to all live and digital event content, including matchmaking. All the details are available on the official website.

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