Municipal, Salvini: “We pay for choices made late”. Letta: “You win by expanding the coalition”. Conte: “For M5s it’s sowing time”

Municipal, Salvini: “We pay for choices made late”. Letta: “You win by expanding the coalition”. Conte: “For M5s it’s sowing time”
Municipal, Salvini: “We pay for choices made late”. Letta: “You win by expanding the coalition”. Conte: “For M5s it’s sowing time”

The Pd celebrate, the M5s reflects (confidently) and Salvini makes self-criticism (speaking for the coalition). When the projections began to outline the first results of the local elections, the agencies the words of the secretary of the League, who preferred not to wait for certain data, also because the trend is already clear enough everywhere: for the center right it didn’t go well. The reactions on the left are diametrically opposed: the secretary Read (first-person winner of the supplementary rounds in Siena) outlined the future of the coalition (“You win by expanding”), with the former premier Giuseppe Conte which immediately re-launched, underlining “the serious political perspective of working together with progressive forces“.

Salvini: “We pay for choices made late” – “I’m happy to be the first to comment – said the leader of the League – I’m used to putting my face on it and not blaming others – he said Salvini – The first comment is on the turnout: most did not vote. It is self-criticism for me and everyone. We need to be more concrete about real life. We can’t waste time on events private“. Salvini did not want to specify what these would be events private, preferring to shift his analysis to the future: “Next year they will vote 25 capitals, important cities from Genoa to Palermo, from Monza to Lecce – he explained – the center right it has the duty to identify its candidates as soon as possible by the month of November in order to have 5-6 months to explain our idea of ​​good governance ”. Speaking to the Tg1, the number one of the League said he was convinced that the coalition he “chose the best possible candidates, I will not criticize anyone, but the vote of continuity in the cities and the non-vote says that we were late in their choice. Where we have lost we must be self-critical – he added – But the center right united wins, only we don’t have to waste time anymore ”. Salvini, however, stressed the result of his party within the defeat of the center-right: “Where he is lost, no excuses are made, certainly as the Lega tonight we have more mayors yesterday afternoon and the lesson is that the united center wins but must be united seriously, we must do well and hurry ”. Then the number one of the Carroccio has extended the analysis to the holding ofDraghi executive: “Today the Italians voted to elect mayors: if someone uses the vote to overthrow the government of National unity he is very wrong. We are here and here we stay. I’m not passionate about the debate on the electoral law, but the debate on work, taxes and future of the country “.

Letta wins in Siena: “Victory of the center-left strengthens the Draghi government” – “This great victory of the Democratic Party and the center left strengthens Italy and the government: we are back in tune with the country ”. The first words of Enrico Read, winner of the supplementary in Siena, are those of an enthusiastic leader. And combative: “Today the Democratic Party, for an exceptional situation, we are governing with Salvini. It is the first and last time. It is a commitment that I make ”. And he is not the only one, given that the leader of the Democratic Party has a very clear idea about the future: “You win by expanding the coalition, going beyond the Democratic Party. We have shown that the right is beatable “, said Letta, who analyzing the situation of his opponents underlined that” the right has made a mistake in the electoral campaign. He won when he had a federator, Berlusconi. Without Berlusconi he no longer wins ”. Returning to the result of the polls, Letta claimed the work done: “We won on the territory, not on twitter or in the salons. We are back in tune with the country – he added – is the most important result of the result of this vote. The results of all the large municipalities and metropolises demonstrate this. Last time in the first round we didn’t get any wins. It is extraordinary to see the results of Naples, Bologna and Milan. You win if the coalition expands and if you know it expands beyond the Democratic Party. We won for Europe – he concluded – today Italy is even more European, towards a stronger Europe after the German vote ”.

Giuseppe Conte: “For M5s this is the moment of sowing” – It was not long to wait for the comment of Giuseppe Conte, leader of the 5 Star Movement: “I said, I would have put my face and I will, this is the time of sowing for the M5s – said the former premier – We have just started with the new one course, took office just before the listing, the new course has not been able to fully deploy its own potential. The results confirm the enormous potential of the new course and the serious prospect of working with forces progressive“. And again: “There is a great desire to participate and a great demand for politics. We tried to intercept it but we left very late – explained the former premier – In this political project of renovation of the M5S is a medium and long term project, it will take time to feed the territorial groups and thematic forums “. Commenting on the data of the cities, Conte explained that “there are already a lot of signs encouraging in some cases: I think of Naples, Bologna. In others less encouraging, but clearly it cannot be the first step to condition the solidity and strength of a project. Now we wait for the data to consolidate – he said again – then we will evaluate for i ballots the possibilities of a dialogue. We will not be able to have any suggestions for the forces of the right, for the rest we will evaluate in next days“.

And then there’s Renzi: “Our lists ahead of M5s are often decisive” – Also worth mentioning is the analysis by Matteo Renzi, leader of Italy Viva: “And to those who made fun of the polls, I point out that almost everywhere our lists are ahead of 5 digit and often decisive for the victory of the candidates. A truly wonderful day. Go on like this – Renzi wrote on Twitter – The data from the polls show very good results for the candidates supported by Italia Viva. I am especially happy for our candidates already elected mayors in the first round ”.

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