“Osimhen hurricane, providence sent him! Insigne? Spalletti true technician”

He spoke to Radio Marte during the broadcast “Marte Sport Live” Antonio Corbo, a journalist for the Republic

“Napoli met an important and strong team but coached by a young coach, good but perhaps better at coaching himself than the teams. He faced Napoli in a somewhat reckless way. Vlahovic was abandoned. Spalletti’s strength is simplicity. Napoli has Osimhen who is a hurricane in front of them, you have to throw the ball forward. This player has sent him providence for certain things he does and has to learn. Either he scores or creates a problem. Very generous player, he always attacks the ball carrier. All this baroque football has been put in the fridge for a while waiting for different times. We have to fight, throw the ball forward and accompany this important player.

Insigne’s reaction? Spalletti is proving to be a true coach in this case too. I did not share Insigne’s replacement in the Europa League match, I would have left him on the pitch because he is charismatic and creative and could throw the ball forward. Yesterday, on the other hand, it was timely because the team rebalanced itself, blocking Sottil who was giving a lot of trouble. Napoli has condensed becoming almost impenetrable in the last 24 meters. Obviously the captain, an important and representative player as well as intelligent, will have plenty of time to meditate and understand that the substitution was not a punishment.

Koulibaly case? In order to talk about it on TV, I explained that it is an extra moment of strength to bring together the team and the city ”.


Osimhen hurricane providence Insigne Spalletti true technician

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