Fuel prices rise and methane doubles

METHANE TO THE STARS – In the last, there has been a sudden increase in prices of all fuels, including LPG and methane. In particular, the latter, in some plants in the center and north, reached the share of 2 euros per kg, doubling its price in 12 months, with an average cost between 1.157 and 1.631 euros / kg (1.257 for no logo).

LPG – The average price of the LPG instead it fluctuates between 0.724 and 0.745 euros / liter, with quite important variations depending on the brand: Eni has applied increases of 5 cents compared to the recommended price, Tamoil, IP and Q8 of 4 cents.

PETROL AND DIESEL – As for the gas, based on the processing of Energy Newspaper of the data at 8 am on Sunday 3 October (communicated by the operators to the Fuel Price Observatory of the Mise), the national average price, in self mode, is 1.691 euros / liter, with an oscillation, depending on the brand, between 1.682 and 1.705 euro / liter. In served mode, petrol has an average price of 1,827 euros / liter. The diesel, with an average cost of 1,544 euros / liter and fluctuations between 1,534 and 1,558 euros / liter.


Fuel prices rise methane doubles

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