Milan, the results of the municipal elections: Hall between 54 and 58%

Milan, the results of the municipal elections: Hall between 54 and 58%
Milan, the results of the municipal elections: Hall between 54 and 58%

At 15 o’clock the polling stations throughout Italy closed, the counting of votes begins. In Milan, the Rai exit polls give a clear advantage – and therefore in this case winning in the first round, the outgoing mayor Beppe Sala, supported by the center-left, with a result between 54 and 58 percent of the votes. A trend confirmed by the second Rai-Opinio screening with a sample coverage of 4%, in Milan the Pd candidate Beppe Sala stands at 57.4% of the votes and the center-right candidate Luca Bernardo 31.6% of the votes. Layla Pavone of the 5 Star Movement stands at 3.1% as Gianluigi Paragone. The turnout in Milan was the lowest ever: 47.69% of those entitled to vote expressed their preference, less than one in two Milanese. In 2016, when the vote was taken in a single day, the turnout was 54.65%.

The results of the municipal elections live. Projections: in the center-left Milan, Naples and Bologna in the first round. Uncertain match in Rome

04 October 2021

Meanwhile, the first projections are also arriving, based on actual votes, which confirm the gap, indeed widen it: according to Swg for 7 Beppe Sala it is between 58.2, and almost double Bernardo, which would stop at 30.7%.

Municipal elections 2021, the results of Milan

Per Luca Bernardo, the pediatrician candidate from the center-right, the votes would stop between 32 and 36 percent of the Milanese who voted yesterday and today.

All the results of the Lombard municipalities to the vote

Layla Pavone, the manager supported by the 5 Star Movement, would always take 2% of the votes according to the exit polls.

Municipal elections 2021, the results of Varese

A little different numbers, but not in the substance of the facts, for the Instant polls of Quorum / youTrend for SkyTg24: Sala is in the fork of 51-55%, Luca Bernardo has 32-36%, Gianluigi Paragone at 3-7% and Layla Pavone at 2-6%.

The same goes for Intention Tecné made for Mediaset: Sala is between 53 and 57, Luca Bernardo between 33 and 37 and Layla Pavone between 2 and 6.

Municipal in Milan, Sala and Bernardo expected at the committees

Beppe Sala remains at Palazzo Marino for now to follow the first stages of the counting after the closing of the polls. In the late afternoon he is expected at his electoral committee, in the Isola district, where he will make the first comments on the vote, and where there is a certain optimism after the exit polls. Luca Bernardo will also arrive at his electoral committee, in via Tortona, in the afternoon. In the committee of the center-right candidate for mayor the repeated mantra is: “Nobody will speak until we have more realistic and precise data”. The line is to take time before commenting on anything but encouraging data.

Municipal in Milan, Maran: “Now it’s up to Lombardy”

“On Milan it is the third time in a row that we have won, the next match is that of the Lombardy region and we are trying to push the league where it was born”. The Milanese city planning councilor and leader of the Pd administrative offices Pierfrancesco Maran already goes beyond the Milanese victory and aims for Lombardy, where they will vote in 2023. A region that “has never been contestable – continues the exponent dem – but we think that for the first time the League can be beaten in all of Lombardy (where the center-left hasn’t won for almost 30 years, ed.) “. In short, for Maran it is time to make the whole region “turn” also from a political point of view. And if the center-left “proves to be compact, we can win in Lombardy and also in the political elections”.

Live updates on the Repubblica website.

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