Weather in Rome on 4 and 5 October 2021

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04 October 2021 16:40


Bad weather returns to Rome and the province. From today afternoon, Monday 4 October until Tuesday 5 October, rain is expected. This was announced in a note by the Civil Protection of Lazio: “The Regional Functional Center announces that the Department of Civil Protection today issued the warning of adverse weather conditions indicating that from the late evening of today, Monday 4 October 2021, and for the next 18-24 hours are expected on Lazio: scattered to diffuse rainfall, mainly downpour or thunderstorm. The phenomena will be accompanied by strong showers, local hailstorms, frequent electrical activity and strong gusts of wind “.

“The Regional Functional Center carried out the assessment of the Alert / Criticality Levels and therefore forwarded a bulletin with a yellow alert for hydrogeological criticality and hydrogeological criticality for thunderstorms on all the alert areas of Lazio. The Permanent Operations Room of the Lazio Region has issued the alert of the Regional Civil Protection System and invited all the structures to adopt all the fulfilments of competence. Finally, it should be remembered that for every emergency the population can refer to the municipal Civil Protection structures to which the Regional Operations Room will guarantee constant support “, reads the note from the Civil Protection.

According to the experts of 3bMeteo during the day of “Monday variable cloudiness alternating with large sunny areas, in the evening instead clouds increasing on the northern sectors with some first rain on the provinces of Rieti, Viterbo and locally up to Rome. But it will be in the arc of the night between Monday and Tuesday that the most active part of the disturbance will pass through the region, bringing storms even of strong intensity to all the provinces, including Rome, Frosinone, Latina. The phenomena may also take on a stormy nature, causing flooding and local criticalities. Not excluded even short hail rooms “.

“During the morning of Tuesday, the first brightening of the Viterbo area while elsewhere the bad weather will persist with showers and thunderstorms that may still be locally strong. Only from the afternoon the situation will tend to improve almost everywhere with the exception of some residual rain only on the Frusinate and the province of Latina. Here we will be able to find some rain or thunderstorms even in the evening while elsewhere the bright spells will prevail. Lower temperatures especially in the maximum values ​​on Tuesday, no more than 23-25 ​​° C. Strong southern winds with very rough or rough seas and possible local storm surges along the exposed coasts “, they explain.


Weather Rome October

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