Administrative 2021, turnout collapses: to 54.64%

Milan, less than one in two voters at the polls

In Milan, less than one in two voters went to the polls, a figure that has never been verified in the city: in fact, at the close of the polls, 47.67% voted against 54.6% in 2016, when they voted in a single day. In 2011, the turnout was much higher, 67.5%. The lowest figure as regards the turnout is from Municipality 1, that is the historic center which in the last elections has always voted in the majority for the center left: only 44.5% of those entitled have voted. In only one of the 9 municipalities of the city, 50% was exceeded: with 50.7%, Municipality 3 (Lambrate and Città Studi, historically another area of ​​the center-left) recorded the highest turnout. In 1993, the first with the direct election of the mayor, 78.1% of the Milanese went to vote in the first round, in 1997 71.9%, in 2001 Gabriele Albertini was re-elected in the first round with the record turnout of ’82, 2%, while Letizia Moratti won in the first round in 2006 with a 67.52% turnout.

Rome, the turnout collapses

Collapse of the turnout of voters for the first round of administrative offices also in Rome: the figure marks 49.92%. Five years ago the turnout was 57.03%.

Turin, greater abstention in the suburbs

50.1% of those entitled to vote voted at the Turin Municipalities. There is a decrease of 8.14% compared to the last municipalities which had had a turnout of 58.6%. This is the definitive data from the Viminale on the turnout in the Piedmontese capital. In 2016 alone, the percentage of voters at the polls remained below 60%: in the first round 57.18%, in the second round 54.41%. Ten years ago in Turin the final turnout was 64.73%, twenty years ago 82.56%. The highest figure in 1970, with the vote of 93.1% of those entitled. The final turnout figure confirms yesterday’s trend, with the suburbs confirming a higher rate of abstention. Above 50% only district 1 (center-Crocetta), where the highest figure was recorded (51.43%), district 4 (San Donato-Campidoglio-Parella), and 8 (the hilly area of ​​Cavoretto, Borgo Po, San Salvario, Lingotto, Nizza Millefonti, Filadelfia), both at 50.70%. The lowest figures are recorded, in fact, at 5 and 6, the two districts that 5 years ago had awarded the current M5s administration and on which once again the final result could be played. Barriera Di Milano – Regio Parco – Barca – Bertolla – Falchera – Rebaudengo – Villaretto stop at 42.9% while Borgo Vittoria – Madonna Di Campagna – Lucento – Vallette at 43.4%.

Naples, the worst turnout ever As in other large Italian cities, also in Naples the municipal ones have the worst turnout ever for the first round of the administrative elections. 47.19% of eligible voters went to the polls; five years ago, 54.12% of voters participated in the first round. In 2011, again in the first round, the turnout was 60.33%. In 2006, 66.64% of Neapolitans went to the polls.


Administrative turnout collapses

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