The European Medicines Agency approves the third dose of Pfizer and Moderna- vaccines

The European Medicines Agency approves the third dose of Pfizer and Moderna- vaccines
The European Medicines Agency approves the third dose of Pfizer and Moderna- vaccines
from Silvia Turin

EMA’s favorable opinion on the two vaccines for frail people 28 days after the second dose and for everyone with Pfizer at least 6 months after the second dose

After various European states have already started with the campaign to administer third doses of the anti Covid vaccine, as in Italy (WHO the rules), the official opinion of theEuropean Medicines Agency (EMA) about the very recalls that have been officially approved.

For the frail

EMA’s Committee for Human Medicines (CHMP) concluded that the extra dose of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines can be given to people with severely weakened immune system, at least 28 days after their second dose. This is not a specific recommendation but a possibility and a green light, based on studies carried out on organ transplant patients (with weakened immune systems) who have increased their ability to produce antibodies against the virus thanks to the boosters. The EMA specifies this to emphasize that there is no direct evidence that the ability to produce antibodies in these patients (the immunocompromised) protects against COVID-19, but a prediction.

For everyone

The committee was also called upon to comment on the third doses for the normal population and concluded that booster doses may be considered at least 6 months after the second dose for people aged 18 and over specifying that it is still important to distinguish between the extra dose for people with weakened immune systems and booster doses for people with normal immune systems. He opens up the possibility of administration by explaining that, again, an increase in antibody levels is noted when an extra dose is given approximately 6 months after the second dose. This latest assessment concerns only Pfizer, for now. EMA explains that the risk of heart or other inflammatory conditions very rare side effects after an unknown booster and is carefully monitored.

The decision entrusted to politics

EMA recalled that it is individual governments and policy makers who have to take operational measures on third doses: These organisms are in the best position to take into account local conditions, including the spread of the virus (in particular any worrying variant), the availability of vaccines and the capabilities of national health systems. The third dose policy launched by Italy already takes these parameters into account.

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European Medicines Agency approves dose Pfizer Moderna Corriereit vaccines

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