Milan 2021 municipal elections: the results and who is the new mayor – Politics

Milan 2021 municipal elections: the results and who is the new mayor – Politics
Milan 2021 municipal elections: the results and who is the new mayor – Politics

Milan, 4 October 2021 – Closed ballot boxes in the province of Milan for the administrative elections. Voting took place on Sunday 3 October (from 7 to 23) and Monday 4 October (from 7 to 15). Thirteen candidates for mayor, 28 in total the lists that support them. In addition to the outgoing mayor Giuseppe Sala, supported by eight center-left lists, they are in the running Luca Bernardo (center-right, six lists), Layla Pavone (M5S), Gianluigi Paragone (Comparison of the Mayor and the Great North), Giorgio Goggi (Socialists of Milan and liberal Milan),Gabriele Mariani (Milan in the Municipality and Environmentalist Civic), Bianca Tedonand (Power to the people), Christmas Azzaretto (Communist Workers’ Party), Marco Muggiani (Italian Communist Party), Alessandro Pascale (Communist Party), Bryant Biavaschi (Milan starts here), Mauro Festa (Gay party) e Teodosio De Bonis (3V movement). In the event that none of the 13 aspiring mayors reaches 50% plus one of the votes in the first round, runoff on 17 and 18 October. Sala wants victory in the first round, Bernardo aims to take him to the ballot. We also vote for the nine Municipalities. In case of victory in the first round, it is not certain that you do not go to the ballot in some Municipalities: the threshold to avoid the second round, in fact, in the “parliaments” has risen from 40% to 50%. From 15 today off to the bare, starting from the Town Halls.

According to the projections Opinio Italia consortium for Rai (sample coverage: 4%): Giuseppe Sala 56%, Luca Bernardo 33.9%, Layla Pavone 3.9%, Gianluigi Paragone 2.9%, others 3.3%. The mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, is following from Palazzo Marino the results of the elections that see him running for a second term. To comment on the results, as soon as they become clearer, he will move from the seat of the municipality to that of its electoral committee in via Pollaiuolo, in the Isola district, where some councilors of the outgoing council are present. The center-right mayoral candidate, Luca Bernardo, is following from his home the first stages of the count, after having lunch with the family. Bernardo should arrive after 4 pm at the electoral committee set up at the Mary Hotel Nhow in via Tortona, Milan. “No candidate will speak until we have more realistic and precise data”, this is the mantra repeatedly communicated to the press at the headquarters of the center-right candidate for mayor, given by the first exit polls and projections of around 30%.

Low turnout for administrative offices: at the close of the polling stations, in Milan, is at 47.67%. The figure is obtained from the figures received from 1,239 sections out of 1,248 (99.28%). In 2016, when the polls were only open for one day, the turnout was 54.65%.

Results and turnout in the Municipality of Milan

The 13 candidates for mayor

In Milan there are thirteen candidates and 28 lists. Compared to five years ago, there are four more aspiring first citizens, perhaps because this time the signatures to be collected were only 334 (one third of the thousand expected before the Covid emergency).

GIUSEPPE SALA – The outgoing and re-nominated mayor Giuseppe Living room. Milanese, born in 1958, graduated from Bocconi and professional experiences in Pirelli and Telecom, in 2009 he was general manager of the Municipality with Letizia Moratti. He was also the CEO of Expo 2015. Eight lists that support it: Democratic Party, Radical Milan, healthy Milan, Green Europe – Verdi, Milan united, Mayor Beppe Sala List, Reformists we work for Milan, Volt.

LUCA BERNARDO – The center-right has chosen Luca Bernardo. Head of pediatrics at Fatebenefratelli, born in 1967, Bernardo has always been active in the social field: in 2008 he founded the Fatebenefratelli Adolescent Disease Center in Milan, the first in Italy to deal with cyberbullying and illegal activities on the Net, dedicating it to Carolina Picchio, the 14-year-old girl who committed suicide because she was bullied. Between 2012 and 2016 he was Advisor to the Minister for Agricultural Policies on food education for Expo 2015; since 2013 he has been part of the technical in-depth group for the reorganization of the regional health system. In 2011 he received the military gold Ambrogino from the Lombardy Army Command for the commitment of national manager at the Miur for youth discomfort and bullying. Also in the same year he obtained Pride Miami’s Children Hospital. In 2015 he was appointed Knight of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic. October is not his first race for Palazzo Marino: already in 2006 he had been a candidate as city councilor in the civic list of Letizia Moratti, receiving 200 preferences. Six lists that support it: Forza Italia, Lega per Salvini premier, Luca Bernardo civic list, Brothers of Italy, European Liberal Party, Milano Popolare Maurizio Lupi.

LAYLA PAVONE – Manager Layla Pavone will try to make the third inconvenience with the list of 5 Star Movement. The entrepreneur, born in 1963, he is the CEO of Industry Innovation of Digital Magics and director of Italia Startup. From 2003 to 2010 she was president of Iab Italia, an international association for the development and promotion of interactive advertising. In addition, he is an independent director of Seif, the publishing company de Daily fact.

GIANLUIGI COMPARISON – The novelty of this challenge for Palazzo Marino, given the period of health emergency, is the presence of two candidates mayors No Vax: the senator, former Northern League and former grillino, Gianluigi Paragone, leader of Italexit, supported by two lists: Milano Paragone Sindaco and Grande Nord; the doctor Teodosio De Bonis, on the field with the 3V Movement. Born in 1971, Paragone is a journalist he worked for Padania, Libero, Rai, La7.

GIORGIO GOGGI – In the progressive field there is the candidacy of the professor of the Politecnico ed former municipal councilor Giorgio Goggi, supported by the Milan Socialists and Milan Liberal. Born in 1946 in Lecco, Goggi has already worked in the Municipality: he was councilor for transport with the mayor Gabriele Albertini. Member of the PSI since 1973, he participated in the study on the reopening of the Navigli at the Dastu Department of the Politecnico.

GABRIELE MARIANI – Further left, Gabriele Mariani. I58-year-old engineer and architect, Mariani runs for Milan in the Municipality and Civica Ambientalista. A past in the Democratic Party, various experiences in the city halls, has always embraced environmental issues.

TEDONE WHITE – The Milan mayor candidate of Potere al Popolo is only 28 years old. Graduated in law, he works at the State University of Milan and studies Philosophy.

AZZARETTO CHRISTMAS – A teacher in a secondary school in the suburbs, Natale Azzaretto is 69 years old and runs for PCommunist art of workers. He has already tried the political race: he had presented himself as an autonomous, in fact, in the 2011 elections and then, again, in 2016.

MARCO MUGGIANI – Marco Muggiani(Italian Communist Party), classe 1954, is a general practitioner and works in Voghera (Pavia). Always linked to the Communist Party, he has had his card in his pocket since 1983.

ALESSANDRO PASCALE – Alessandro Pascale. Originally from Valle d’Aosta, Pascale is 35 years old. Writer, as well as professor of History and Philosophy, in Milan he runs for the Communist Party.

BRYANT BIAVASCHI – Bryant Biavaschi, lgold in economics, she is 36 years old. The candidate from ‘Milan starts here’ worked abroad before returning to Milan where he works in the startup sector. He founded a company active in the catering and events sectors.

MAURO FESTA – Neapolitan origins, 46 years old, Mauro Festa runs for the Gay Party. Lawyer specializing in new technologies, environmentalist, is an activist for LGBTQ + rights.

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