Charlene of Monaco reappears after the collapse, is smiling and “mystical”

04 October 2021 08:40

Alberto’s wife posts a photo on social media and writes: “God bless you”

In early September she had been transported to the hospital after a collapse, just when it was thought she could recover and return to Munich. The trip home was postponed and it was Alberto and the twins Jacques and Gabriella who went to visit their mother in South Africa. Charlene Wittstock has been away from court since May due to an infection that has involved her nose, throat and ears and prevents her from getting on a plane.

To the rumors that the couple in crisis and spoke of exile, Prince Albert replied curtly. The former swimmer also explained: “Alberto is the main pillar of my life and my strength, and without his love and support I would not have been able to overcome this painful moment”. The hypothesis is also emerging that the princess is conditioned by a sorceress, her advisor for years. The mystery remains dense …

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Charlene Monaco reappears collapse smiling mystical

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