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Low turnout in Rome compared to the rest of Italy: at 11pm 36.8 percent of those entitled voted, 868.757 out of 2 million and 359 thousand, against 41.6 percent of the national average. In 2016, but on that occasion the polling stations were only open on Sundays, 57 percent went to the polls in the first round. T.between the most virtuous Municipalities the II (42.98), the III (38.90) and the I (37.55), while the negative peak was recorded in the VI, Tor Bella Monaca (31.68).

Errors in the delivery of some municipal ballots, Raggi first to vote

After the organizational difficulties that occurred before the opening of the electoral sections – 700 subrogations of seat presidents – errors also emerged in the delivery of municipal ballots: in some areas, including Primavalle, voters will be recalled to vote. Patchy disservices in many districts. Virginia Raggi was the first among the big names running for the Capitol to go to the polling station: around 9 he expressed his preference in the section set up in a school in via delle Maestre Pie Philippines, in Ottavia, the neighborhood where he lives. Her husband, Andrea Severini, preceded her: at 6 she was already operative as a list representative and she published the last post on the Facebook page 31 days with Virginia, a daily chronicle of the last month of the election campaign. I am writing from school, sleepy, with a pit in my stomach and an anxiety that is now skyrocketing. Rome will decide who to be administered for the next five years, who does not choose and does not participate then will not have to complain.

Enrico Michetti did not reply to the reporters: Silence silence

The radio tribune Enrico Michetti

, in the field with the center-right, who closed the sprint in Spinaceto together with the leaders of the coalition (Giorgia Meloni, Matteo Salvini and Antonio Tajani), crossed the card at 9.30 in via Giovanni De Calvi, in Monteverde. Before entering, he had to go back to retrieve the mask he had forgotten. In renewing the appeal to participate, go and vote, regardless, he dribbled the questions of the reporters on the stake that flared up in the night at the Industrial Bridge: Gentlemen, I love you, I don’t know what the others are doing … I don’t even comment yesterday’s fire … Silence silence …. In the afternoon, to relax, he took a bike ride.

The civic Carlo Calenda at the polling station with his wife Violante

A thread of emotion for the civic Carlo Calenda, who arrived at the seat in via del Lavatore, near the Trevi Fountain, together with his wife Violante

. The Action leader shared the scene from the film on Instagram on Saturday Forrest Gump in which the protagonist (Tom Hanks), tried by the crossing of the States in a hurry, exclaims: I’m a bit tired. To ease the tension he spent Sunday with his family: Yesterday (Saturday, ed) I’ve been out for dinner, but from tomorrow (today, ed) diet: on this my wife inflexible.

Gualtieri, from Moretti’s film to the match on TV

The center-left competitor, Roberto Gualtieri, voted at 11.30 at the Federico Caff institute in via Fonteiana, in Monteverde

: I thank the local president and all those who took care of the organization. The former Minister of Economy first went to the park with his son, then to the supermarket and the Nuovo Sacher cinema to see the new film by Nanni Moretti,Three floors. Back home, he watched the Roma-Empoli football match at the Olympic stadium on TV. During the night he went for an inspection to the Ponte dell’Industria, where he met Raggi who accused him of campaigning.

Rays on Fb: Go vote, important!

Monday morning the appeal of the outgoing mayor: Even today you can vote for the mayor of Rome. The polling stations are open until 3 pm. Go to vote, important! Virginia Raggi writes on Facebook.

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