Zaniolo out of order, in his place …

Zaniolo out of order, in his place …
Zaniolo out of order, in his place …

After the injury suffered by Matteo Pessina in the match against Milan, Roberto Mancini he will have to understand how to move in view of the National League match against Spain.

Zaniolo out too

Evaluations are underway, as initially the Atalantine midfielder had to be replaced by Zaniolo. Mancini’s idea, however, faded in the bud.

The Giallorossi player accused a discomfort in his right flexor, which is why he left before the end of the match with L’Empoli. Given that Italy will play already on Wednesday, he would not have been available.

Tonali in Under-21: Dimarco called up

After the great start of the season and the important performance at homeAtalanta, it seemed that, in place of Pessina and Zaniolo, he should be summoned Sandro Tonali. The Rossoneri midfielder, on the other hand, will not reach the Senior National, but will join theUnder-21 at the express request of the coach, Paolo Nicolato. He will join Mancini and the other 22 called up Federico Dimarco.


Zaniolo order place

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