“In Paris to play, everything will be great. Best wishes to Locatelli”

Gigio Donnarumma spoke from Coverciano’s retirement ahead of Wednesday’s match against Spain. Here is what is highlighted by the correspondents of Tmw:

You are back as a European champion at San Siro. What do you expect? Did you think you were going to PSG and not being a starter?
“I’m excited, Milan and AC Milan are an important part of my life. I’m excited, I hope there is nothing. Then we are here in a Nations League semi-final, a competition we care about.”

What do you think of the racist chants against Koulibaly?
“We players are with him, we are against all discrimination. It is a shame to hear these things again, we are with Koulibaly and we follow every indication to fight racism”.

Are you afraid of losing your place in the national team by playing little?
“There is no problem. I am in Paris to play, it is normal to have some of these things here at the beginning. I am there to play and I am sure that everything will be great, I have no problem for the national team. I go on my way, I hope everything can go well “.

You will meet Maldini in Milan.
“There is no problem with Paolo, I complimented him last night as well. I am pleased to meet my teammates again, I will talk quietly with him, joking, and then there are no problems. We are adults”.

What do you feel you need to improve on?
“There is always to learn and improve. My goal is to go higher and higher, there is always to learn with the goalkeeper coach. We compare each training session and try to understand what I need to improve and what I can work on . There is an excellent feeling between us, we try to structure the training in the best way. With the new coaches there is a different comparison and this makes me happy for my growth. “

From Spain to Spain, what leap have you made in these two half months? What do you think of Milan?
“I am happy with the path that Milan is making, I will always be a Milan fan. I am happy with Pioli, I often hear it. In the last two and a half months I have improved a lot in my awareness, I have become more of a man and grown a lot. Now let’s think about Nations League semifinal, we hope to continue the path in the best way. “

How difficult is it to get to the World Cup as a European champion?
“There are many expectations but we humbly continue to work, to move forward. We know of our strength, we are an established team and we know we can play it with everyone. We can also have our say at the World Cup, we want to prepare all the matches well and we hope to have our say also at the World Cup. But now we have to think about the Nations League, which is very important for us “.

What Spain do you expect?
“The same team we faced during the European Championship, we try to improve situations where we could have done better. It will not be an easy race, in the European Championship it was difficult, it took a lot of ourselves to get the better of it. Even now we will need 110. % to beat them “.

How are training with the PSG Martians?
“These are situations that make you improve a lot, sometimes there are also challenges and that makes you grow. Training with all these champions helps you to grow both on a human and footballing level. It is a good challenge, but they are not all goals .. . (laughs, editor’s note) I’m happy to train with them and grow, to move forward in this new challenge of mine. I always try to give my best “.

Is PSG or Mancini’s Italy stronger? What is the difference between these two teams?
“They are two completely different teams. With Italy we have a very specific way of playing, with Mr. Mancini we have a very specific identity and we are very happy with how things went. When we arrive we always make ourselves available to the coach, we are fine. together and sometimes we can’t wait to come here to be together, this is important. They are two different situations, I don’t think they can be compared “.

There may be a hostile reception for you. Do you feel like saying something?
“I have always given Milan everything, right up to the end, if something like this happens, I would also be sorry because it is a very important match, a Nations League semi-final, so I hope the fans can help us.”

TMW – How is Serie A seen from Paris?
“I always follow Serie A, when I can I always follow it. It is very balanced, there are a few teams that can have their say in the competition. It is a very balanced tournament, there are a few teams that have me impressed. It will be very nice to follow you. “

Is it possible to establish a friendship with the PSG champions?
“I found a very compact dressing room, it feels very good. There are many champions but we are fine together, but we live peacefully. We train with a smile, with the desire to help each other.”

Locatelli made the marriage proposal to his partner. Now is your turn?
I wish Locatelli all the best, I saw him this morning and hugged him. I saw the photo from last night, now he will show me some videos of his proposal. For me we are there, I’ll let you know … “

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